Texas Districts Declare Border Incursion

Numerous border counties in southern Texas stated on Tuesday they were declaring an invasion crisis to assist them in dealing with President Biden’s terrible border problem. 

This week, at least four municipalities in Texas declared a state of emergency, including Kinney County, Goliad Municipality, Terrell District, and Uvalde County. 

Immigration Rules

According to the Houston Chronicle, the decision is in line with conservative politicians’ and activists’ private requests that Abbott begins independently enforcing national immigration rules.

Removing migrants from the nation would be unusual for the state. Still, they believe it would be supported by the Biden administration’s efforts to increase legal channels for migrants to come into the country. 

Kinney County Justice Tully Shahan explained to the media in Bracketville that the nation deserves to learn “this is serious” and the proclamation is “not a photo op.” 

Shahan stated the Biden presidency will take no action. They could stop this at the hour; they could stop it right now, but they lack the courage. 

In addition to the lack of resources to manage the large inflow of illegals flooding into their communities, Texas officials claim the illegal immigration boom increased crime and property destruction. 

The state judge for Terrell County, Dale Lynn Carruthers, noted their municipality has fewer than one thousand residents.

Every day, a thousand residents live in fear of an invasion and they try their best with minimal personnel. Terrell County has the bare minimum to offer, but it has extensive border coverage. 

The mayor of Uvalde, Don McLaughlin, described it as a nightmare. He stated it must stop but the federal government will not take action.

They are doing these people no favors. They are ensuring their failure. The administration is releasing them with nowhere to go, no employment opportunities, and no work permits. 

Prior Warning

Former head of US Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli stated using the “self-help constitutional provision to proclaim an invasion affords the governor the authority to revoke that invasion.” 

Jonathan Turley, a law professor, told Fox News he does not think announcing an invasion will accomplish much. 

According to Turley, they depend on the guarantee provision of Article Four, Section Four. This addresses an invasion and has been construed to require a genuine foreign occupation in the form of a military or organized force. 

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, has repeatedly criticized the Biden presidency for its inadequate response to the crisis on the southern border.

Abbott stated President Biden was forewarned that a reduction in border enforcement would have grave implications; these dire consequences have been observed.

The worst thing they have witnessed is horrific death. This week, they detected heinous deaths in a truck in San Antonio.