Terror Alert as ISIS Plans Big Attack Inside US

The mess the Biden regime made of Afghanistan is one of the worst humiliations in American history. It also left the country overrun by the Taliban and a rival group of ISIS fighters who are now using the country as a home base.

It’s exactly what we were told would never happen: Afghanistan becoming a safe haven for terror once again. Yet, the Pentagon warned in no time, ISIS could be operating out of Afghanistan and pose a danger to America.

That day appears to already be here. Thanks, Biden.

Terror Threat in DC and Virginia

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a warning over this weekend for Washington, DC, and northern Virginia, due to intelligence about an ISIS terror attack.

According to DHS, ISIS members are planning to do a mass shooting in a Virginia mall or somewhere in or near DC. Officials were in higher amounts around these areas because of the warning.

This included malls, bus stations, and big pedestrian areas, where authorities were worried the terrorists might attempt to strike.

This sounds like it is more of a red alert about a small number of terrorists who want to do a mass casualty event; at least, this means they don’t yet have the numbers to get a big operation underway.

Nonetheless, with our southern border wide open and six individuals caught on the terror watch list just in the past year, there’s no doubt more terrorists will be on their way in.

Remember San Bernardino?

Americans don’t have the luxury of ignoring lone wolf attacks like the one we’re being warned about here in Virginia. We can all remember in the winter of 2015 when two ISIS fans killed 14 people at the Inland Regional Center.

There are plenty of stories like this, and Biden clearly isn’t up to the job of dealing with it. He can’t even secure our southern border or stop the runaway inflation that’s currently gripping America.

There’s just no reason to believe anything Biden or his crew say about their accomplishments. They claimed the Afghanistan army would stop the Taliban and Afghanistan then fell in two days.

They don’t have the competence or willpower to defend America from these terrorists. It’s a very dangerous time.

Back to Basics

At this point, we are back to basics. Ground-level police and ordinary DHS officers and intelligence agents are our last line of defense.

Those who are not corrupted by the Biden regime’s bureaucracy at the ground level are the last ones we can trust to tell the truth about the threat we face and do their best to stop it.

Biden, the head of DHS Alejandro Mayorka, and all these other corrupt individuals are not going to save us.