Ted Cruz Attacked After NRA Convention

Senator Ted Cruz spoke recently at this year’s National Rifle Association (NRA) conference in Houston, Texas on Saturday night. Afterward, he went out for a bite to eat at a nice restaurant.

Though Cruz was interrupted at his dinner by an angry activist who was furious about the massacre at Robb Elementary School. At this school, a gunman opened fire in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 children and two adults.

This man blamed Cruz for what happened because Cruz is a staunch opponent of stricter gun control.

What Happened?

In his NRA speech, Cruz suggested installing bulletproof doors and windows and putting more armed police at the entrance to schools.

Such a suggestion was based on learning the shooter entered through a back door of the school that was unlocked and without any armed security.

However, while out at dinner following his comments, a man called Benjamin Hernandez, who said he was a former illegal immigrant and activist, began shouting offensive words when he saw Cruz at the restaurant.

Hernandez screamed Cruz had his hands dirty with blood and said he was doing nothing to protect the kids who died. He then ran towards the senator and tried to physically assault him, but was blocked by security.

Cruz waved at him and returned to his dinner. Cruz is used to anger from the left and has been a favorite bogeyman of theirs since being elected.

Not the Time and Place?

There are times and places suited to protest and speak out to politicians; it is certainly not shouting at him while he tries to eat in peace with his wife.

You can’t blame Cruz for all the blood spilled in the massacre. He didn’t tell the shooter to go kill kids or direct the police and security response at Robb Elementary.

As much as you may hate his views on gun control, blaming him for a tragedy is too much. Cruz has also been virtually massacred on social media for standing up in the Senate on two bills passed by the House for background checks on gun buyers.

While raising the age of legal purchase of weapons and increased background checks may be agreeable to some conservatives, it is not agreeable to all.

Those who do find Cruz too hardline on gun rights are also free to vote him out if they live in Texas. That’s how a republic works.

Cruz’s Ideas

Cruz’s proposal is to strengthen the amount of armed law enforcement presence in schools, rather than restrict the rights of gun owners.

He made it clear in his comments at the NRA convention that there is no reason good enough to infringe on gun rights to satiate evil.

In opposition to the senator, Ruben Gallego, a Democratic congressman, tweeted an expletive at him and called him a baby killer.

Musician John Legend also described the senator as an idiot and sycophant of the NRA.