Taylor Swift Enraged About Uvalde Massacre

On Tuesday, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos reportedly killed his grandma and then drove to Robb Elementary School, murdering 19 kids and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas.

The community is reeling in shock; the conversation over gun violence and cultural values are once again raging.

Several celebrities have also spoken out, sharing their thoughts about what’s going on, including Taylor Swift.

‘Rage and Grief’

In social media posts, Swift said she’s full of “rage and grief” and completely full of despair about the way these kinds of things are happening in our country.

Swift reposted a video of Golden State Warriors NBA Coach Steve Kerr in which he angrily calls for gun control and starts crying while slamming his hand on the desk he’s speaking from.

Texas-born celebrities also spoke up, including Selena Gomez, who said children should feel safer at school, and actor Matthew McConaughey who said something has to be done.

Uvalde is actually McConaughey’s hometown. He was born there in 1969; it’s where he grew up, something he writes about in his autobiography Green Lights.

Even more, McConaughey’s mother served many years as a kindergarten teacher. She even worked at a school very close to where the shooting occurred.

It’s clear this has hit very close to home for McConaughey. He said people on “both sides of the aisle” need to work to solve problems in order to make an environment healthier and safer for the American community.

McConaughey supported increased background checks and banning high-capacity firearms like ARs.

McConaughey has been the founder of Just Keep Livin’ Foundation for over ten years. The foundation offers support to students through after-school sports programs.

More Celebrities Speak Out

In addition to McConaughey, actress Susan Watson said she’s heartbroken about the shooting.

Late-night host James Corden said that because he was a father, he could never imagine the pain he would feel if he received a phone call saying his son was murdered.

Corden said whenever he drops his kids off at school, he says goodbye with a kiss, but he couldn’t imagine if it would be the final farewell.

There’s no doubt this massacre of innocent young kids is a dark point in our history and one of the worst things imaginable to happen.

The grief and pain of the parents are unimaginable; it’s wonderful to see celebrities so concerned about the suffering being experienced by fellow Americans.

Many of these kids were the sons and daughters of our brave border patrol.

This is also a time to investigate whether Ramos’ psychopathic bloodbath was motivated in some way by his hate of US immigration law and conservatives.

The Bottom Line

Let’s try to find some solutions. Massacres like this can’t keep happening.