Taliban Hunting Down Those Who Worked With Americans, Women Without Burqas

Now that the Taliban is back in charge of Afghanistan, we’re hearing lots about how they’ve changed. They claim that women can stay in the government and keep their jobs as doctors and nurses. They say they don’t want any more problems with the world and just want to run Afghanistan in a traditional way.

However, reports are now coming out that this nice talk is just that: talk. Taliban members reportedly killed a woman who wasn’t wearing a hijab in public recently in Afghanistan’s Takhar province. So much for women’s rights.

America Leaves, Islamo-Fascism Arrives

As soon as the Biden regime shamefully yanked the cord on Afghanistan without warning, the Taliban already swooped in to take control. The Taliban’s representative, Zabihullah Mujahid, said that women in the country will be respected if they follow basic Muslim beliefs and that wearing a hijab or burqa is not a huge deal.

This alleged killing in Takhar goes fully against that.Even if this was just a few rogue militants without authorization from the top, it shows just how quickly things can go bad, especially outside of Kabul where the command structure is looser and some terrorists are still thirsty for blood.

The Taliban says women can keep their jobs and go back to school; yet, the reality on the ground is that many women are feeling scared to go outside and unsure of what the future will hold.

What About the Trapped Americans?

What makes this story even more disturbing is the Pentagon admitted that up to 10,000 US citizens are still trapped behind enemy lines. They are mainly in Kabul, and many were there to help Afghanistan through aid organizations and non-governmental groups.

They are now sitting ducks for door checks by the Taliban. The Taliban says they won’t try to stop Americans and their allies from leaving, but reports say they’re already beating up and stopping Afghans who try to leave to the airport in Kabul.

Many of us have also seen the awful video of Afghans falling to their death from a US Air Force C130 as it took off from Kabul. Further disturbing data says the Taliban got ahold of US equipment which has the info on those who worked with the American military. There is widespread fear that even if the Taliban lets some Westerners go, they will begin seizing and killing all Afghan nationals who worked with America.

The Taliban is Back

The Taliban can pretend to be Mr. Nice Guy for a bit, but their true side is already emerging. They’re walking around areas of Kabul firing weapons and trying to find out who helped the US. They claimed they don’t want revenge, but if you take the word of a terrorist, then the joke is on you.