Suspected Informant Ray Epps Attacks Tucker Carlson With New Accusations

The name Ray Epps may be a name you’ve heard before or it may not. Epps became known to the public after the protests of January 6, 2021, which are still being used to put people in jail to this day.

Unlike most who helped organize getting into the Capitol building, Epps never even got arrested. Accusations came up soon afterward that he was working with the feds, including from people like news host Tucker Carlson.

Now, Epps, who says it’s been “hell” since the accusations against him, is having his lawyers send threats to Tucker.

Epps’ Lawyers To Tucker: Shut Up, Or Else…

Tucker has been consistent in his views on January 6, which is that it was a real protest, but many questions about undercover infiltrators and people working for the feds remain to be answered.

One of those big question marks is Ray Epps and his role on that day, particularly when he texted a family member after the event that he “orchestrated” entering the Capitol. Yet, he got no jail time?

Now Epps’ lawyers are telling Tucker to be quiet about any more talk of him and to stop engaging in “conspiracies” about his actions relating to January 6.

From Most Wanted To No Big Deal?

At first, Epps was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List after the January 6 protests. Then, he dropped off it and ended up not being charged with anything.

Numerous other Trump supporters have been locked up for far less than what Epps did, including the video footage showing him near the entrance directing protesters inside the Capitol.

Trump supporters have been given years of jail time for yelling at police or gesturing at them. Yet, Epps walks free? It will be interesting to see what Tucker does in response to this threat from Epps.

Tucker’s recent release of the footage showed what a witch hunt this has all been and the subject doesn’t look ready to go away anytime soon.

It’s certainly ironic that as many America First patriots rot in jail for walking inside a government building, Epps has the time, money, and privilege to hire a lawyer to tell a popular journalist to shut his mouth.