Stunning Numbers Show the Truth About the COVID Vaccine

For months now we’ve been told by strange people in white coats that “believing in science” means getting two (or more) shots in the arm. Now, it turns out that science has something different in mind. 

As recent news out of Massachusetts shows, the vaccine isn’t just proving to be less effective than Fauci and his crew have claimed: it’s actually proving to be borderline useless. 

Welcome to Provincetown

Provincetown, Massachusetts is a small artistic city on Cape Cod. Provincetown and the surround county on Cape Cod had a big outbreak of COVID in early July; now numbers are coming out about it that are truly shocking. 

Here’s what happened: an official investigation intoProvincetown and Cape Cod’s wider Barnstable County shows that out of 469 of those who got COVID in the recent outbreak, 74% were fully vaccinated. 

Now, to be fair, 79% of these folks who were vaccinated had no COVID symptoms, but that’s still 21% who did and that’s a huge, huge amount when you apply it to, say, the whole population of the US.

Isn’t the vaccine supposed to stop COVID, or am I missing something? First, Fauci and the liars said it would stop the disease. Now they say “no problem,” it will make the disease less serious and deadly. 

If they keep moving the goalposts any more, we might as well just stop listening to what they say. That’s a joke by the way: obviously hundreds of millions of us have stopped listening and will continue to mock and reject their constant lies. 

The CDC Flip Flops Once Again on Mask Mandates

The CDC switched again recently saying that even if you’ve had the vaccine, you still need to wear a mask indoors or in public places where the COVID case count is high. The CDC also said kids and students should mask up once they’re back in school. 

Welcome back to a year ago and to doing all things that you were told you wouldn’t have to do if you got the vaccine. These goddamn liars deserve none of our respect or our attention. The only attention they should be getting is to call out their lies one after another. 

Federal COVID Vaccine Mandate?

CDC head Rochelle Walensky recently said that the CDC is looking at putting a COVID vaccine mandate in federally. She said the Biden regime is “looking into” it but can’t comment more at this time. 

Walensky said that “more vaccination” is always the goal, and this regime is absolutely obsessed with getting people vaccinated. I’m sure they just feel so much compassion for us people. That’s why liberals laugh at unvaccinated folks who get sick and die…the compassion. Right?

They want them to get a vaccine that barely works and still spreads COVID, and if you don’t get it and get sick, it’s your fault for not getting an experimental genetic therapy vaccine that’s totally unproven?

Sorry, but my patience has flat run out. Screw these lying liars.