Stunning New Revelations of Biden Crime Family Links to Russian Oligarchs

For six years, we have heard nothing but mainstream media conspiracies about former President Trump and Russia. The lies started prior to his campaign during the Republican primaries as he rose to the top of the pack.

They continued during Trump’s presidency for four years of incessant propaganda and have lingered since his departure from office for the past year.

Though hidden underneath all the lies is the disturbing fact of how many ties the Biden family has to dirty and corrupt Russian oligarchs, along with eastern European and Ukrainian dirty business.

Let’s Take a Look

On Friday, the US Treasury announced more sanctions against Russia and specific individuals within Russia. This comes close to the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which started on February 24, 2022.

Two extremely wealthy Russians were not on the list of those sanctioned, however, and some are wondering why. A deeper investigation of files and old emails on Hunter Biden’s former laptop shows why.

They were allegedly in business with the Bidens. Specifically, we are talking about the former Moscow Mayor’s wife, Yelena Baturina, and another rich Russian by the name of Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

In the past, they went around looking at properties with Hunter Biden and had dinner with Biden when he was VP under Obama. At that time, they talked about “favors” they could do each other business-wise.

The UK and Australia both have sanctions on Yevtushenkov,  due to his ties to the Kremlin and high position as a Russian businessman, but the US Treasury decided to spare him and Baturina.

Shady Ties With Rich Russians

Yevtushenkov isn’t just some random rich guy. His company Sistema helped produce drones under the Kronstadt brand and radar under RTI, as well as rocket technology.

He also runs the biggest cellphone company in Russia, MTS. MTS has been accused of extensive bribery and corruption and was suspended from the NY Stock Exchange in July 2022.

These are the people the Bidens are connected to, while Joe is off giving speeches about “freedom” in Ukraine and handing America’s money to the military-industrial complex.

In 2012, this crucially important and powerful Russian man met with Hunter Biden in New York. Emails from Hunter’s laptop showed they were talking about real estate buys inside the US and toured a commercial property in 2013 together.

Yevtushenkov is a savvy and ruthless guy. He was meeting with Hunter because of who his dad was, obviously.

Corruption Inc.

Hunter and Biden as VP also met with Baturina and her late husband in a DC restaurant named Cafe Milano. They were with former Kazakh leader Karim Massimov and Burisma Ukraine energy firm leading official Vadym Pozharskyi.

Burisma paid Hunter around $1 million a year starting in 2014 in order to help sway the Obama government’s decisions about aid to Ukraine.