State COVID Restrictions are Being Reduced – Here’s How

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State COVID restrictions are being reduced or set to be lifted in the near future as more and more Americans get vaccinated.

That number now stands at 40%, with daily infections going down and governors in various states making the decision to open things up once again.

How soon will life go back to normal?

New York and New Jersey both say they will allow businesses to have as many people as they want inside by May 19, and Connecticut already has lifted most restrictions on the number of people in stores and will open it up fully – except still requiring masks to be worn indoors – also by May 19. 

So some of these blue states are taking the lead of red states like Florida and Texas, good for them. 

What does it all mean for when we can stop all this mask nonsense?

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‘The Key is Smart Reopening’

New York Governor Andrew “Grandma Killer” Cuomo, who is most well-known for forcing nursing homes to take COVID positive people and for grabbing every woman who ever came near him, says that reopening has to be done the right way. 

I’m sure he’ll try to give himself more awards for his brilliance. 

“The key is smart reopening. Reopening is not a light switch,” Cuomo said. 

Wow, profound. 

The fact is that a lot of states have already reopened and this is basically blue states giving themselves a pat on the back for catching up to science. 

In fact, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation 27 states are now completely open for business. The main reason is that more people are vaccinated, but experts say that there’s no “perfect answer” about when to reopen and a lot will have to be seen as it happens. 

“The only way we’ll know if the decision is correct is two to three weeks after the decision is made,” said Director of the Program for Global Public Health and the Common Good at Boston College, Philip J. Landrigan. 

Florida is leading the way under Governor Ron DeSantis, with a recent order quashing any attempt by municipalities to put in stricter COVID restrictions. No can do, said DeSanstis. 

“I think folks that are saying that they need to be policing people at this point, if you’re saying that, you really are saying you don’t believe in the vaccines. You don’t believe in the data. You don’t believe in the science,” DeSantis said. 

In other words, DeSantis believes in science and he’s sick of liberals who don’t believe in it trying to force their weird authoritarian system on the rest of us. 

As I’ve said before, we need more leaders like Ron DeSantis in the conservative party, and a 2024 ticket with Trump and DeSantis as VP would be an absolute dream team. 

Let Freedom Ring

The era of Faucism needs to come to an end, and the constant lies about “herd immunity” and this never-ending lockdown and quarantine has outlived any usefulness it ever had. 

Wear a mask if you want, but don’t force it on your kids at soccer games and let people get in your face about it in public.

Get the vaccine if you want and you believe it protects you, but stop obsessing about whether other people have received the vaccine. If you’re now safe from COVID why do you care whether they got it, too? It makes no sense. 

It’s time to let people live their lives and stop this strange witch hunt atmosphere that’s been going on in this country thanks to liberals. 

Let freedom ring!