Sony Systems Under Siege: Russian Hacker Group Claims Major Breach

A hacker group believed to be based in Russia has claimed responsibility for a major security breach of Sony’s systems.

The group, known as, alleges it successfully infiltrated all Sony systems, including PlayStations, and stolen valuable customer data.

The audacious cyber-attack was first reported by Australian site Cyber Security Connect. The hackers have not only claimed responsibility but also threatened to sell the stolen data to the highest bidder.

This alarming development sent shockwaves through the tech industry and raised serious questions about the security measures in place at Sony.

Sony, however, has yet to confirm the breach. In an official statement, the company said it is currently investigating the claims made by The alleged breach, if confirmed, could potentially expose sensitive information of millions of Sony customers worldwide.

According to the report by Cyber Security Connect, has even posted a PowerPoint presentation online, detailing how they executed the hack. The presentation reportedly includes screenshots of a login page and files, further substantiating their claims.

The hacker group claims to be in possession of 6,000 files, which they describe as ‘small’ compared to the entirety of Sony’s systems. The stolen data is reported to be in Japanese, indicating that the breach may have originated from Sony’s headquarters in Japan.

Adding a bizarre twist to the situation, has stated that if they do not receive payment, they will be obligated to report the breach to the European Union’s data privacy body.

This unusual threat underscores the audacity of the hacker group and the potential severity of the breach.

This isn’t the first time Sony has been targeted by hackers. In 2011, the company suffered a major hacking incident where the data of 77 million users were compromised. The breach was so severe Sony had to take the PlayStation Network offline for a month.

Company officials were even summoned before Congress to explain the breach and forced to pay compensation to victims. is a relatively new player in the cybercrime world, having only been in existence since this month, according to Cyber Security reports.

Despite its recent emergence, the group’s alleged successful attack on Sony indicates a high level of sophistication and capability. Video Games Chronicle reports suggest operates out of Russia and Ukraine, adding another layer of complexity to the situation.