Socialist Nutjob Noam Chomsky Makes Chilling Threat Against Unvaxxed

Noam Chomsky is a left-wing professor from Boston who’s made a living by insulting America and our military. He’s a dedicated socialist who’s never once been thankful to the country that’s given him a career as a leading academic.

For his career studying language and talking about media propaganda, Chomsky has claimed to be a “libertarian” socialist who hates Josef Stalin and forced totalitarian states. According to him, people need to be left free from the state to avoid a repeat of the mistakes of the USSR.

In other words, Chomsky claims to care about human rights and freedom. As with any leftist and their high ideals, however, nothing could be further from the truth once you look under the surface.

Chomsky’s latest comments should close the matter once and for all; he’s a hare-brained socialist authoritarian who belongs in Pol Pot’s Cambodia or Stalin’s Russia.

What Did Chomsky Say This Time?

In the past, Chomsky made waves for calling President Trump “worse” than Adolf Hitler. Chomsky made it clear he was voting Democrat, even though he says they’re not far left enough for him. Has this guy not taken a look at the Democrat Party anytime lately or what?

In any case, on a YouTube interview with commentator Kurt Gödel, Chomsky sounded off from his armchair like the bitter old Boomer he is, saying the unvaccinated should be “isolated” from everyone else.

This includes cutting them off from regular services like shopping and food supply, which Chomsky said is “their problem.” You could see just the hint of a smirk as this idiot (who claims to oppose media propaganda) backed up the biggest propaganda of all that the unvaxxed are a current danger to society.

What a fraud and what a dangerous creepy man. It’s no wonder Antifa and the far left in this country look up to this traitorous pencil-necked creep.

Chomsky: ‘Enforcing’ Against Unvaxxed is a Matter of Stopping ‘Harm’

According to Chomsky, the unvaxxed are “harming” those around them by not taking the vaccine and they need to be excluded from all public society. If COVID gets worse, Chomsky says it may be necessary to “enforce” much stricter rules where those who won’t get the vaccine are basically excommunicated.

In other words, you will be locked in your house and barred of all services if you don’t get the experimental jabs, all because leftist authoritarians like Chomsky believe they have moral superiority over you.

It’s nothing new, but it’s still revolting to hear the words come out of this academic’s mouth. Imagine being so educated that you’re a famous MIT linguistics professor and still saying things this stupid and unscientific.

Leftists Cheer

Anti-American leftists like Mehdi Hassan and hundreds of others applauded Chomsky’s comments, saying he was right on target. They also want the same thing.

They want to take over our society and force their globalist vision on us all, while pretending to be fighting COVID. They worship the Big Lie. They are not loyal American citizens.