Shocking News About Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan

Joe Biden’s retreat from Afghanistan was a disaster. We all know about how the Taliban took back over in three days.

We also know Biden had been warned by the Pentagon that the Afghani Air Force was not fit to defend the country. Without their support, regular Afghani troops quickly retreated under the Taliban onslaught.

In the aftermath, thousands of Americans were trapped behind enemy lines. Most were flown out, we were told. Many Afghani allies who helped our troops were also brought to the United States and a new life.

Though now a report from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is calling this all into question.

What Does the Report Say?

The report was publicized by the Office of Senator Jim Risch; it has blown the whole official story wide open. The real number Biden abandoned turns out to be much higher and the situation much worse than previously thought.

According to this official report from the committee, Biden left behind 9,000 members of the military, in addition to the hundreds of millions of military equipment which we left behind to arm the Taliban.

It wasn’t one or two thousand like we were previously told by lying Secretary of State Tony Blinken or Biden. It was almost 10,000 brave men and women of our armed forces.

Pulling out with no backup plan and leaving Bagram Airbase while the Taliban rampaged back into power in Kabul was an insane idea. It left our troops exposed and without any air cover or safe way out.

Blinken Says the Report is Incorrect

According to Secretary of State Blinken, the report is wrong.

He said there were only 150 military personnel left behind by the summer of 2021. Blinken stood firm in the face of many media outlets that demanded to know the true scale of the abandonment.

Senator Risch says he believes the report is actually undercounting and the true number was 10,000 to 15,000 left behind in Afghanistan.

According to the president, more than 120,000 people were removed and 90% of the military who expressed a desire to leave Afghanistan were flown out right away.

The math doesn’t add up here; it’s clear Biden is exaggerating how many people he saved and when.

Stabbed in the Back

In a Twitter post, Senator Risch said Americans were outraged at the way the administration handled our military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Our troops deserve so much better than what Brandon has given them.

It’s true President Trump also wanted to pull out, but he had a backup plan. Trump had huge attacks planned against the Taliban if they tried to pull something like what they did.

What a disaster. The true scale of Biden’s failures grows by the day. The midterms, and 2024, can’t come soon enough.