Shocking New Details Emerge About the Toxic Workplace Under FLOTUS Jill Biden

When Melania was First Lady, the media couldn’t get enough of mocking and insulting her. They tore apart her marriage to President Trump, called her stupid, and did their best to leak anything which could damage her reputation.

With First Lady Jill Biden, it’s the opposite: the liberal lady is all over magazine covers and gets the royal treatment from our boot-licking leftist propaganda outlets; yet, new reports are emerging of just how bad it is to work under Jill Biden.

First Kamala, Now Jill

First, we heard the reports of how it was hell on earth working under Kamala Harris and her senior staff; now, we’re hearing the same about Jill Biden. What is it with these liberal women in power and mistreatment of employees? I’m definitely beginning to detect a pattern.

To be fair, it’s not just that Kamala herself was accused of being a toxic witch; it’s the people she hired to manage her staff who received the worst critiques. With Jill Biden, it’s the same: the person getting the worst comments is her top ranking staffer Anthony Bernal who is apparently an absolute tyrant in the office.

According to Politico, dozens of interviews with those working under Bernal have painted a very disturbing picture of a perfectionist who is extremely “polarizing” and treats those under him incredibly “poorly.”

One of Bernal’s favorite things to do is insult and berate employees until they cry. Jill Biden hasn’t responded to the accusations against Bernal – which include secret recordings of his horrific behavior – and it’s obvious she absolutely doesn’t care. Like most liberals, she is all talk, no action when it comes to respecting workers, women, and people’s rights.

What About Jill?

In addition to not responding to the reports about her abusive workplace, Jill Biden is clearly not as bad as Bernal. After all, when you put up with a man like Sleepy Joe, you must be a fairly patient woman.

Yet, the fact that she tolerates an office run by a mini-Stalin says a lot about the authenticity of her beliefs. These liberals don’t actually care about the underdog or treating people well; they care about power.

Most recently, Jill had to get surgery after stepping on a “sharp object” in Hawaii, so perhaps Bernal can shout at staffers to make her a nice card. Hopefully, she has a full recovery and is doing well; she’ll need to be there if Biden sticks a fork in an electrical outlet or plays too much with a toaster in the future.

Jill Biden needs to pay attention to what’s going on in her office. Having someone in charge who treats her employees like trash is really sad and it speaks a lot to the dictatorial tendencies of the Biden regime.