Shock News About COVID Vaccines Changes Everything

Novel coronavirus vaccine bottle with syringe and stethoscope by is licensed under CC BY 2.0

There is very bad news coming out about the COVID-19 vaccines that the media and health authorities have been pushing.

Not only have some vaccines like the Astra Zeneca been blamed in numerous deaths.

Now it turns out that we have less than a year before most of the vaccines people have received are absolutely useless against new – and much worse – strains of COVID. Sorry to break it to you.

A large amount of epidemiologists, virologists and infectious disease experts who are part of the People’s Vaccine Alliance are saying that the current vaccines have a very short shelf life before they’re useless against the new strains of COVID.

According to them, the world needs to reach herd immunity and get vaccinated in the next nine months or so or else the new strains will hit people and start a new wave that could be worse than anything we’ve seen yet. 

“New mutations arise every day. Sometimes they find a niche that makes them more fit than their predecessors. These lucky variants could transmit more efficiently and potentially evade immune responses to previous strains,” explained Associate Epidemiology Professor at Yale Gregg Gonsalves.

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‘Unless We Vaccinate the World, We Leave the Playing Field Open to More and More Mutations’ 

According to Gonsalves, at this point it’s either all or nothing. 

“Unless we vaccinate the world, we leave the playing field open to more and more mutations, which could churn out variants that could evade our current vaccines and require booster shots to deal with them,” he said. 

The thing is: 

With all the ways in which health authorities and “experts” have been wrong so far, how are we to differentiate this announcement from anything else? How can we know that it’s not just part of a push to get more people vaccinated under a panic scenario?

Getting people to panic is one of the best ways to get them to make impulsive decisions that later turn out not to have been very great. 

The mRNA technology being used by Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna is able to be adjusted on short notice to respond to new variants, but it still takes time and these doctors and disease experts are basically saying that we might not have time, especially in poorer countries like South Africa and Thailand which haven’t even managed to vaccinate 1% of their populations yet.

Are the experts right that we’re on the path to doom if 100% of people don’t get a shot as soon as possible? I’m not a vaccine expert, so I honestly can’t say. 

All I can do is report to you what they’re saying and ask the simple questions about why we should necessarily trust a bunch of establishment medical figures when they are part of the ones who let us slide into this disastrous pandemic and economic situation. 

New Brazil Variant

The new COVID variant in Brazil is much more dangerous and reportedly kills young people at triple the rate of regular COVID. The death rate has actually increased in people in their 20s who are diagnosed with the new strain quite a bit and is up to 0.13 percent instead of 0.04 percent. 

While it’s still a lot less than the death rate among older people, it’s concerning and is part of why experts are now saying that herd immunity is vital before the new variants start hitting people. 

“Taken together, these preliminary findings suggest significant increases in case fatality rates in young and middle-aged adults after identification of a novel SARS-CoV-2 strain circulating in Brazil, and this should raise public health alarms,” said leaders of a study from the Brazilian University of Parana in Curitiba.