Senator Tom Cotton Has a Great Way to Make China Pay for COVID

Senator of Arkansas Tom Cotton by Michael Vadon is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Appearing recently on Fox News, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas had some bright ideas for holding China responsible for COVID.

Every Republican and patriot should be thinking of this subject and taking the lead from President Trump. The ex-president recently demanded that China pay $10 trillion in reparations and have their export economy destroyed with tariffs for what they’ve done to the world. 

Cotton is wise on China; he’s also been steadily exposing their intentional lies and coverups since this pandemic began.

In his most recent comments, he suggested two ways to make these communist cretins feel it where it hurts most. 

What do you think of these ideas from Cotton?

Tom Cotton by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Cotton’s Plan to Take on China

Cotton said that China should have its most-favored-nation status removed in terms of our trading relationship; this should come along with barring visas for any Communist Party of China (CCP) members or their kids. 

Taking away their favored status would hit China right in the exports; it would also make it very hard for China to get good loans. Moreover, taking away visas from the communists and their kids would be a great way to close off the pipeline they use to exploit the US as a money laundering, degree-farming location for their ilk. 

As Cotton noted, the chance China will ever admit responsibility for COVID is down to absolutely zero.

However, more and more evidence is stacking up showing that the virus did come from a lab. As Cotton said, it is high past time to hold China accountable for deceiving the world and unleashing an infectious plague.

Cotton is Right

As Cotton notes, giving China the most-favored-nation status was a huge mistake two decades ago. Leaving it in place remains a huge mistake (at least if you like Americans having jobs and America having a robust economy). 

Cutting off their favored status would crush China’s ability to get nice loans from the World Bank and others. It would then scrap their visas and their kids’ visas, thereby no longer filling our schools with evil communist progeny that looks to take degrees back to China and keep stabbing America in the back. 

There is nothing bad about the average Chinese citizen: they’re living under communist oppression and a horrible government. That’s not their fault…just like the average American can’t be blamed for having Biden and Harris in charge of them. 

However, the Chinese Communist Party upper ranks and their kids are very bad folks. These are not people who should be infiltrating our universities or profiting off beneficial trade relationships.

They should be excluded, isolated, and sanctioned as Cotton is suggesting. His two ideas are a smart place to start showing we’re serious about holding China responsible for what it’s done to our citizens’ health and our economy.