Senator Ted Cruz Wants Term Limits For US Senators

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has served in the US Senate since 2013. 

Despite several failed presidential runs and controversies, Cruz has proven himself a solid conservative who understands America’s needs during this time.

One of those needs is to drain the swamp. Cruz is doing his best to help make that happen with a new change to the Constitution that would limit senators to two terms amounting to a maximum of six years each. 

There’s just one problem: Cruz is currently seeking his third term in the Senate. Here’s the thing: Cruz’s constitutional change would limit senators to two terms, but he’s going for his third. 

Cruz says he’s doing it to try to give the boot to lifetime Senators like Chuck Schumer of New York.

The liberal media has been demanding to know why he’s a hypocrite on running for a third term himself, however. Cruz says that he’ll follow the rule if and when it passes. 

He also wants members of the House of Representatives to have a maximum of three terms in office. Cruz has said he will “happily comply” if and when the amendment goes into law.

He’s basically doing some trolling here on purpose, since his point is that Schumer and others like him will never allow his amendment to pass. Cruz is riffing off those who hate him and wish he would go away to prove his point about term limits. 

It’s actually kind of a brilliant political stunt. 

Details of the Bill 

The amendment bill was put forward by Cruz and Congressman Ralph Norman. It aims for “accountability” that they say has been missing for far too long.

According to the senator and the congressman, term limits will be “critical” to repairing Washington DC and avoid having “special interests” who form insider clubs and get “entrenched.”

The two politicians say a “small group” of lifers in the Senate and House is “totally unacceptable” and goes directly against the vision and philosophy of the Founding Fathers in terms of the American system of government.

At this point, Cruz may well be gearing up for a 2024 presidential run and does actually have a chance. He is allowed to seek his Senate seat and run for POTUS simultaneously, which is a definite possibility. 

So far, former President Trump is running, along with former SC Governor Nikki Haley. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is widely expected to announce a run soon, along with SC Senator Tim Scott and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. 

The Bottom Line

Cruz avoided getting into whether he’ll run for POTUS. It still seems clear that this bill will have a hard time passing. It is more of a way to shove the Democratic and Republican establishment’s corruption in.