Senator Ted Cruz Has a Great Idea for AOC, Bernie, and the Liberals

Senator Ted Cruz is Cuban American. His own dad suffered under Cuba’s evil Castro regime; therefore, he’s not playing around when he talks about his opposition to it. 

Speaking recently at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, Cruz had some great advice for people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and others who always praise Cuba’s communist system.

Go live there. Cruz was so thoughtful that he even gave them travel directions, explaining how they can jump on a raft in Key West and head down south to “the socialist paradise.”

Any takers? 

‘Tyranny Doesn’t Work’

In a blistering speech, Cruz let loose on leftists like AOC and Bernie; these people idealize the reviled communist regime in Cuba and ignore its horrific human rights abuses and record of failure. 

“Tyranny doesn’t work,” Cruz told the crowd of young conservatives. Cruz then added that “freedom is powerful” and these large protests going on in Cuba are a sign that leftist ideas have failed. 

Leftists point to Cubans who support the regime as proof that communism actually is popular, not seeming to understand that those people only support the government so they can get food and medicine. 

In Cuba, speaking out against the government and left-wing policies is a crime, just like AOC and her crowd seem to be want it to be here in America. Not going to happen, sweetheart. 

Cruz Takes on Democrat Socialist Ideas

Cruz didn’t shy away from also taking on the Biden regime here at home, talking about their latest $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill. The latest Democrat boondoggle is “utter garbage” according to Cruz.

He said that Democrats are “bankrupting the country” and causing runaway inflation with their socialist policies. It’s up to conservatives to stop it, and Cruz is entirely correct that they will keep getting worse if we let them get away with it. 

As for AOC and her squad, why don’t they travel to Cuba and get an up-close preview of what they want to bring to America?

Send the Socialists Home

Socialists like AOC, Warren and Sanders don’t embrace American ideals. They want us to become a big welfare state of little minions with no free speech or guns. 

If that’s what they really want, why don’t they go there? Cruz may have been joking, but it’s actually a pretty good idea. Furthermore, don’t send them to a couple nice resorts in the hotel zone or a quaint little jazz bar in the expat section of Havana either:

Send them to the real communist Cuba, the collective farms and run-down factories without enough parts to run. Let them see communism in action by watching how non-racist and fair the police are as they beat protesters for asking for food and basic medicine.