Senator Ted Cruz Has a Big Announcement

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has a big announcement about his political future. As a leading opponent of President Trump in the 2016 election, Cruz built up a lot of resentment among MAGA supporters.

However, he later redeemed himself by becoming fully part of Team Trump and backing the America First agenda. Despite some controversies, such as his Cancun vacation in the middle of the Texas snowstorm, Cruz mainly held up well.

He’s been challenging COVID lies and anti-American bureaucrats in the Biden regime. Now, he has something to say about where he goes next.

Cruz: Wants To Run Again in 2024

Speaking to the website Truth Gazette, Cruz said he would “absolutely” want to run for president again. He said his 2016 run was the “most fun” he’s ever had and despite a large amount of GOP candidates, he came in second.

This strong finish tells him he has a good shot in 2024, Cruz said; Cruz also said he has a huge “base” that could help him to victory in another run.

Despite not backing Trump until quite a bit later, Cruz has shown he’s a smart politician who knows which way the wind is blowing. He does have a fair bit of conservative support, although he’s far from a shoo-in for president.

Plus there’s another issue at hand. It’s certainly clear that Cruz has a lot of ambition, but one thing critics and the left have pointed out is it’s unclear if he’s even allowed to serve as president, since he is foreign-born.

Cruz was born to an American mother in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Cruz Isn’t Playing Around

While the question of his eligibility remains up for debate, it’s clear Cruz isn’t just playing around here.

He’s built a solid backing in the past several years and was one of the few who voted to throw out the 2020 election results. He claimed there was too much evidence of fraud to certify Biden as president.

Others like Senator Josh Hawley are in a similar class to Cruz and may also be making a run for president. Cruz has decent support in Texas, where he booted Beto O’Rourke out of the running, beating him in 2018.

Still, Beto did much better there than he should have, and it was part of what allowed him to launch his own run for president as a Democrat. Now, Beto is running again to beat current Texas Governor Greg Abbott next year.

The point is Cruz is not done yet and he has a lot of determination, but he doesn’t have an easy ride of it, by any means.

How do readers feel? Does Cruz have a chance or should he take his Goldman Sachs jacket and go home?