Senator Rand Paul Has a Hilarious Message for Big Tech Giant YouTube

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky made an unsuccessful run for POTUS in 2016, but America didn’t forget him.

Instead of fading into the background, Paul made a name for himself as a leading America First conservative who is willing to stand up to the left and their lies.

For his trouble, Paul has been relentlessly attacked by the left, both verbally and physically, including a vicious assault by his neighbor that left him in the hospital.

One of the other ways in which Paul has been persecuted is by censorship. He was one of the first people suspended from YouTube for saying the established fact that cloth-made masks don’t stop COVID nearly as much as N95 masks do.

The CDC now says the same thing, and Paul has a question for YouTube.

“When Will They Come Kiss My A**?”

As Paul said, “snot-nosed” Big Tech censorship bros can kiss his “…” and they can also give him the satisfaction of admitting he was right.

Now, this may seem like immature behavior from a US senator, and in some ways it is, but it’s also exactly the right approach. The arrogant leftists who run Big Tech and most of our media believe they can lie with zero consequences.

They censor, spread hate, and kick people off platforms in order to advance their narrative; they back Democrats and spread fear and propaganda. Then, if they ever get caught, they just shrug and move on to the next psyop.

Holding them accountable and mocking them is the perfect approach; it lets people remember once again just how absolutely insane things are becoming in the United States of America.

A US senator was kicked off YouTube last August for saying a scientific fact! There is just no way to make that sentence any less disturbing or horrifying. YouTube’s censorship department deserves to be cursed out and mocked until we’re all blue in the face.

This Gets Better…

Paul has been one of the leaders standing up to the lies and misleading actions of people like Dr. Tony Fauci. He has been instrumental in digging more into Fauci’s personal finances and proving Fauci lied to Congress about funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

The leftist Biden regime sees Paul as an irrelevant pest and rabble-rouser. However, the thing about him is he’s extremely persistent and intelligent.

Everyone who’s heard Paul talk for more than a few seconds realizes he’s far from a joke; he’s actually one of the smartest people in the conservative movement. Also, his efforts to take down the lies of our Biden regime are admirable.

The video he got banned from YouTube for was just a three-minute clip where he pointed out cloth masks don’t do much for stopping COVID. He was booted off the platform for saying the same thing Fauci admitted many times and which the CDC now officially acknowledges.

The Bottom Line

Paul just won a big victory. YouTube needs to publicly apologize and grovel for its revolting, Soviet-style politicized censorship.