Senator Rand Paul Recommending Dr. Fauci for Criminal Charges

Senator Rand Paul is a man who sticks to his guns. He’s been a consistent voice of truth against the Biden regime and against the lies of our medical establishment. Paul’s past clashes with Dr. Tony Fauci made big waves and now he’s back in the news after an even bigger showdown with Fauci. 

Basically, Paul gave Fauci the chance to retract lies he’s told in the past; however, this led to an even bigger fight. Now, Fauci could be facing serious legal consequences for his weasel words. 

Paul Sending Criminal Referral of Fauci to DOJ

Paul clashed with Fauci over gain-of-function recently in the Senate. Fauci went on a little self-righteous rant claiming Paul was lying and was accusing him of horrible things. Paul explained he was simply stating a fact.

The fact is that Fauci’s NIAID agency gave a lot of money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology through another agency to study gain-of-function research. That’s a big deal and the American people deserve to know. 

Fauci didn’t like it, and now Paul will be recommending him for criminal charges. Why?”Because [Fauci] has lied to Congress,” Paul explained to Sean Hannity. Simple, to the point, and devastating: lying to Congress is a serious offense, and if it is proven that he lied, Fauci could be in a world of trouble. 

What Did Fauci Do?

Fauci says that Paul is wrong and that according to “official” definitions, the money given indirectly to the Wuhan Institute of Virology wasn’t “gain of function.” Paul says it fits the definition perfectly. 

Fauci also made the ridiculous claim he’s never lied before, which is laughable considering what we know about him and his lies. If convicted of perjuring and telling untruths in front of Congress, you can go to jail for five years. 

Fauci’s emails show how much he’s lied to the American public on everything from where COVID started to masks to school shutdowns. The guy is a snake. 

Fauci Makes Excuses

According to Fauci, the lies exposed in his email were actually just him trying to adjust to new information and things that came up. Nobody’s really buying it other than the legions of Democrats and leftists who seem to worship him.

Meanwhile, numerous members of the GOP have asked for Fauci to step down. Maybe he should have listened to them, considering that he’s now getting in hot water for lying to Congress. Rand Paul may have funny hair, but you don’t mess with Dr. Paul. 

He’s the son of Ron Paul, for God’s sake: this guy means business! We will see where this criminal referral to the DOJ leads. Good on Senator Paul for putting action behind his words and making Fauci pay for his lies.