Senator Marco Rubio Says There’s No Room for QAnon ‘Wackos’ in the GOP

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has one main motivation: power.

He tangled with President Trump during the election, leveling all sorts of juvenile insults, but then he got in line for MAGA and tried to act like a populist. Whatever it takes to climb the ladder, you know?

Now he’s in an awkward position because he knows a lot of the base are Trump people but he also knows it’s becoming increasingly unpopular and criticized to support the President or his policies.

So what did he do? Rubio did what any smart lawyer would: he tweaked the facts to fit the case.

Marco Rubio – Thirsty for Power by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Rubio: GOP Needs to Get Rid of ‘Wackos’

Rubio appeared on Fox News on Sunday and said that Trump is partly responsible for what happened on Wednesday, especially because they have encouraged “wacko” groups like the Proud Boys, QAnon and white nationalists.

QAnon is essentially a large group of Trump supporters who believe a highly placed source in intelligence has been feeding them clues about Trump’s secret fight against a worldwide network of child-sacrificing pedophiles including George Soros and Hillary Clinton.

“We have for too long indulged some of the groups. These are not conservatives. These are wackos,” Rubio said angrily.

New Talking Point

Rubio’s claims are all about trying to separate off the “good” Trump supporters from the “bad” ones in order to fit the mainstream media’s stereotype. He wants to make it clear that you can only support Trump if you do it in the way that he and the liberal media decide is OK.

As Rubio said, QAnon is a “ridiculous conspiracy theory,” but the truth is also that elected officials have done nothing to stop its popularity since many of its beliefs still haven’t been convincingly disproven, including explaining the numerous apparent references to pedophilia and child trafficking in Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff John Podesta’s emails released by Wikileaks, or the horrific and violent pedophile art collected by John Podesta’s brother, corrupt consultant slug Tony Podesta.

Rubio, however, is all focused on QAnon and their danger these days. Even after Democrats and their media allies enabled rioters to burn down American cities and public health officials to shutter up small businesses and close the economy and schools as well as censor the sitting President of the country, Rubio is concerned about “dangerous” ideas.

“It’s important to point out, this is why we have to watch what we say and allow into the movement,” Rubio said, adding “they may be incited to do things by words that maybe you didn’t intend to be read that way, but they did.”

Only the Fringe is Upset at the Election and the Democrats?

Rubio’s claims don’t really hold water. One recent YouGov poll showed that 45 percent of Republicans support the storming of the Capitol and are outraged about Democratic actions and chicanery.

Still, Rubio came out against trying a last-minute impeachment of Trump, and says it is best to just wait out this last week as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to come into the Oval Office.

“Instead of saying that to everybody, what’s going to be the notion [is] ‘let’s keep fighting this Trump stuff, let’s have an impeachment for someone who is not in office anymore,'” Rubio said.

At this point a majority of Democrats in the House want to do a last-minute impeachment of Trump, but it seems unlikely that it has much chance of being finalized before Trump’s term is up on Jan. 20 and looks like simply another Democratic political stunt designed to make themselves look serious and noble.

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