Senator Joe Manchin Throws Cold Water on Democrats’ Latest Lies

Senator Joe Manchin is hated by large amounts of the Democrat Party and the left. Despite being a Democrat himself, Manchin’s opposition to Biden’s Build Back Better bill has put him squarely in the sights of the left.

Manchin is no conservative, but he’s also no far-left demagogue. He doesn’t like the corruption in the bill and how it’s full of wasteful spending that won’t do squat to help our economy.

The bottom line is Manchin is an American, not a globalist; therefore, he can’t bring himself to get onboard with the anti-American, globalist agenda of the Biden regime.

Now, he’s speaking up about other lies the Democrats are telling. Manchin is also throwing cold water on their ridiculous propaganda.

Manchin Calls Out the Democrats’ ‘Voting Rights’ Lies

Part of Build Back Better is mountains of spending to leftist groups and “voting rights” initiatives. According to the Democrats, the GOP is trying to stop people from voting in non-conservative areas.

The Democrats go even further, with people like Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California going so far as to accuse Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Sinema of being “racists” for not backing the legislation.

According to Waters and her clown crew, if you don’t support a socialist takeover of America and handing out money to Democrat donors across the country, you “don’t care” about black Americans.

Waters and others may be interested to hear that more people of color voted for President Trump in 2020 than have voted for any GOP candidate in decades. Yet, then again, facts never got in the way of a Democrat’s lie.

Still, Manchin is trying; he has some choice words for Democrats who think people’s voting rights are being taken away.

Manchin to Biden: Stop Lying

As Manchin said, there are currently cases going through courts on voting rights, but the picture being painted by the Biden regime is false. Attempts to gerrymander and unfairly divide up districts have been “struck down,” such as in a recent Ohio case.

Like Manchin noted, the idea that there are real things going into law to “obstruct” people’s votes is untrue. It’s just “not going to happen,” according to Manchin.

As he said, there are already laws to protect people’s votes. This fake push by Biden and the left to gin up a crisis out of nothing is embarrassing and juvenile.

Biden’s speech last week in Georgia is a perfect example. He hooted and hollered about how bad conservatives are and called people “domestic enemies” for wanting to make elections more secure. Are you serious right now?

The Bottom Line

The few sane and patriotic Democrats left, such as Manchin and Sinema, are like the body’s immune system fighting off a dangerous disease.

Conservatives need to stand up for them on this; after all, they’re speaking out against an evil empire that wants to rob all of us of our liberty.