Senator Joe Manchin Takes Idiotic Liberal Chuck Schumer to the Woodshed

The Democrat Party would like people to think they are unified and strong. The truth is they’re falling apart at the seams and full of internal rivalry and hate. There’s no better example than the drama between Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and West Virginia Democrat (and maverick) Joe Manchin.

As a key swing vote who doesn’t always fall in line with what Biden and Schumer want, Manchin is crucial to the party in many ways. However, he’s starting to get sick and tired of their games.

During a recent Schumer speech, he stood before the Senate and said Republicans are to blame for creating the whole situation with the debt-ceiling. Meanwhile, Manchin sat behind Schumer with his head in his hands, commenting on how stupid and juvenile the speech was.

Then he simply got up and left. What he had to say after about Schumer was even harsher.

Manchin Calls Schumer’s Speech ‘F***ing Stupid’

According to numerous sources, Manchin told friends and colleagues Schumer’s speech was “f***ing stupid” and complete nonsense. Then, he also went and sounded off to the media.

Yes, Mitch McConnell agreed to raise the debt ceiling for now with a short-term increase and make a mini-deal; however, this is not the big victory that Schumer imagines. Manchin and fellow maverick Senator Kyrsten Sinema are under intense pressure. They’re also sick of hearing their party grandstand about its big moral principles.

Schumer’s self-righteous speech made the GOP dislike him even more than they already do; it made it much harder to get anything done in government. This is the main reason that Manchin was angry.

Manchin is sick of his own party being more interested in scoring points than in actually getting anything meaningful done and working across the aisle. Manchin is also damn tired of Senator Bernie Sanders and his big spending proposals that are dragging the party further left when that’s the last thing it needs.

Disagreements About Everything

People like Manchin and Sinema have very different beliefs about what to do on climate change, social spending, and government rollouts. They aren’t happy about Biden’s new monster $3.5 trillion bill.

The radical left of the Democrat Party has become highly agitated, recently chasing Sinema into a university bathroom and accosting her on a flight. For his part, Sanders recently said Manchin needs a “psychologist” and is mentally unwell.

The Democrats hate Manchin because he won’t fall in line; Democrats say he’s just standing in the way of their big-spending agenda to get more attention and raise his profile. Joe Biden is also angry at Manchin and Sinema, pleading and threatening them to pass his communist bills.

So far, they won’t budge. In fact, Biden even says sometimes Sinema doesn’t take his calls. Imagine a president getting so disrespected that a member of his own party won’t pick up a call from him. This is incredible stuff.

The Democrats are a Hot Mess

When they can focus on just insulting Republicans, they’re great. However, now that Democrats have two members who think differently in a tight Senate where they only have a small edge of control, the Democrats are going berserk.

Their angry behavior to Joe Manchin is actually good news for conservatives. The West Virginia leader is now talking openly about joining the GOP. Let’s welcome him over as a refugee from the Democrat Party.