Senator Joe Manchin Slams Socialist Simp Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders is an old-school socialist who wants to turn America into the Soviet Union. He’s passionate about his leftist beliefs; despite being directly betrayed by the Clinton machine during the 2016 election, Sanders later fell right in line to support the Democrat Party.

Technically, Sanders is an Independent, but as a power-hungry guy, he goes where the chance of influence is best. That’s why he also fell in line and endorsed Joe Biden in 2020, hoping to have his socialist Green New Deal views put into Biden’s policies.

Part of that is pushing through Biden’s massive $3.5 trillion spending bill. The problem is several Democrats don’t want to vote for it, and that makes Sanders angry.

So he went and did something so sneaky and creepy, even other Democrats are gasping in disbelief.

Sanders Sucker Punches Senator Joe Manchin

One of those who won’t sign off on Biden’s socialist bill is Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. As a key swing vote, the left needs Manchin to fall in line.

That’s why Sanders went around his back to write an angry op-ed in Manchin’s own town’s newspaper in West Virginia. Sanders insulted Manchin and talked about why his politics are all wrong.

Sanders has previously said Manchin needs a “psychologist” and made outrageous, demeaning remarks about the well-loved West Virginia politician. In case you wonder, this is how Democrats treat members who don’t go along with their agenda like good little robots.

Going behind Manchin’s back to cut him down in his home state is still a really low move, and Manchin was not in the least amused. In fact, he was furious.

Manchin Responds Angrily to Bernie’s BS

Up to this point, Manchin mainly held his tongue. However, it’s clear he’s now had enough of Sanders’ whining and he hit back angrily against Bernie’s BS with an op-ed of his own.

He said West Virginians don’t need some “out-of-stater” to come try to dictate what’s best for them. As Manchin added, more “reckless” spending should be approached with extreme “caution” and he won’t sign off on the $3.5 trillion monster bill.

According to Sanders, West Virginia would benefit from the bill by having better Medicare access and drug prices. He also said Manchin is out of touch and opposes what the “overwhelming” majority of people want passed.

In other words, Sanders tried to strongarm and humiliate Manchin. Therefore, in return, he got smacked down.

The Bottom Line

Let’s hope Manchin leaves the Democrat Party and joins the GOP. The Democrats have treated him terribly and he deserves better.

Manchin shouldn’t have to put up with being insulted and lied about in this way, only for having his own views on government spending. His point of view here is valid and should be fully considered. Runaway spending is not good news for any of us.