Russian-American Mom Goes Insane

The war in Ukraine has now been going on for more than a month, and tragedy is growing. Hundreds of dead Ukrainian civilians have been found, with thousands more expected.

Russia lost over 20,000 soldiers, and Ukraine also lost thousands of its brave defenders. This is a dark time for the world.

Unfortunately, it’s also having a big impact here in America on our economy and our political life. However, that also extends to the level of the personal, as this horrific story out of Wisconsin shows.

Russian-American Mom Murders Her Kid in Wisconsin

Natalia Aleksandrovna Hitchcock is 41 and originally from Russia.

However, she’s been living for some time in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin with her husband and two young sons. Unfortunately, her younger son Oliver is no longer alive.

Hitchcock reportedly went into a downward spiral in the past weeks, due to the war in Ukraine. She was extremely angry that she can’t go back to Russia to visit her family members and obsessed that people were somehow after her for being Russian.

Her paranoid delusions were getting worse according to her husband, but he never expected what happened next.

Hitchcock went berserk one night, strangled and stabbed Oliver and his older brother. His older brother yelled loudly as his own mom went insane on him, and his dad woke up intervening.

He managed to pull Hitchcock off the boys as she ranted about how she would kill everyone in the family.

Police arrested Hitchock and the boys were rushed to the hospital, where the older brother recovered. Sadly, 8-year-old Oliver was unable to be saved from his injuries and died two days later.

First-Degree Homicide and Attempted Murder

Hitchcock is charged with first-degree and attempted murder.

She reportedly said she wanted to kill the boys so government agents wouldn’t come to torture them for being part Russian. She also tried to kill herself by taking pain pills and slashing her own chest to cut out her heart.

Watching the war in Ukraine sent Hitchcock over the edge in the past few weeks, according to her husband.

He said she began ranting crazily, saying they needed to buy hunting gear and get ready to try to rough it in the wild where people would be hunting them.

Specifically, Hitchcock told cops she thought social worker staff could come and take the kids because of thinking she was a Russian spy.

She also thought the Putin government in Russia could stage a kidnapping of Oliver and his brother to abuse them.

Hitchcock began drinking a lot and saying she was worried they would be abducted, murdered, or sold online as slaves on the dark web.


Hitchcock recently made her first court appearance and is on a $1 million bond. We will follow this horrific case as it develops.