Russia Shoots Down Its Fighter Jets, Helicopters in Fresh Ukraine War Fiascos

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The once dreaded Russian military is turning into a complete laughingstock after shooting down badly needed attack helicopters and fighter jets from its own Air Force.

This is a development mockingly described by the Ukrainian military as “gestures of goodwill.”

Putin’s Invasion Lacking Aircraft

More than half of the operational aircraft fleet of the Russian Air Force has now been destroyed, according to the estimates of Ukrainian military experts.

As per the latest count update of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, a total of 222 Russian warplanes have been shot down, along with 190 military helicopters.

At the same time, 40,230 Russian soldiers are estimated to have been killed in combat so far.

Although the actual number is likely close to 80,000 when also counting those lost by Russia’s mercenary private armies, the Russian National Guard, and the ethnic Russian conscripts from occupied parts of Ukraine in the Donbas region.

Bloodthirsty Putin began his all-out invasion of Ukraine with some 200,000 heavily armed troops.

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Russians Making Progress Against Own ‘Aerospace Forces’

Russian invaders have been making world headlines for the past five months due to their terrible incompetence and inefficiency, but they have now fallen to a new low.

On Wednesday, a Russian military attack helicopter attacked Russian troops on the ground in the Kherson region in Southern Ukraine, believing they were Ukrainians by mistake.

The Russians reacted and also mistakenly shot down the helicopter of their own team, the General Staff of the Ukrainian military announced, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The Ukrainian command jokingly called the Russians shooting down their own attack helicopter “a gesture of goodwill,” an allusion to the Russian statements whenever their troops are forced to retreat by the Ukrainians.

The machine was a Ka-52 Alligator helicopter, one of the most modern in the Russian Air Force, costing about $14.5 million per unit.

It was part of a “seek-and-destroy” party of three Russian helicopters trying to locate and take out some of the HIMARS rocket artillery systems supplied to Ukraine by the United States.

The HIMARS, with a range of about 50 miles, have proven brutally efficient.

Even though only about 16 launchers are in Ukrainian possession at present, they have allowed Ukraine to destroy more than 50 Russian ammunition depots, plus command and control centers, along with major communications.

Last week, Russian troops in the Luhansk region in the Donbas, in Southeast Ukraine, shot down a Russian SU-34M fighter-bomber, which costs about $40 million per unit.

After the Su-34 fell from the sky, a video of its wreckage emerged on social media showing the machine belonged to the Russian “Aerospace Forces.”

In April, the Russian military in Ukraine also shot down a Russian Su-35 fighter plane by mistake, also one of the most modern aircraft in the Russian Air Force.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.