Russia Planning to Move Nukes into Position Near American Coastline

Under President Trump, we heard from our liberal media and politicians that America would be obliterated. According to them, Trump was endangering us with reckless confrontations with North Korea and China, trashing our alliances with Europe and others.

Now that Joe Biden has been in office for a year, we can see the truth is closer to the opposite. The latest example is horrifying; readers who are easily upset are recommended to proceed with caution.

At this moment, Russia is reportedly planning to position nuclear missiles off the US coast in response to provocations from Biden. Yes, you read that right.

Red Alert as Russia Moves Nukes Into Position

According to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, this decision is not being taken lightly. It is being done because the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (US, Canada, Germany, France, and so on) is expanding east of where they promised.

With hundreds of thousands of Russian troops on the border of Ukraine, along with these other planned moves, we can see Russia has decided to respond to the pressure they’re under.

Punishing American sanctions and eastward pressure has stirred the sleeping Russian bear; it’s enraging and dangerous.

Russia wants to go back to having a backyard that it can control, from Georgia to Kazakhstan to Ukraine. It also wants American nukes out of European territory. NATO and the Biden regime don’t want that.

Now, Putin is moving in the big artillery and calling Biden’s bluff. This is a dangerous, dangerous game, and we could all pay with our lives.

Here’s what this means in practical terms: it means Russian nuclear subs will now be able to launch attacks on the mainland US that will hit within five minutes.

Crisis on the Horizon

At this point, Biden is responding through the State Department by economic means. They say bigger sanctions will hit Russia soon and strangle what’s left of its economy if it doesn’t back down.

Biden is also in the process of deciding whether to arm Ukrainian rebels and far-right groups in their fight against Russia-backed separatists in the east of the war-torn Ukrainian nation.

As for the nuclear dispute?

National Security Chief Jake Sullivan says the US is ready for “any eventuality,” in the confrontation with Russia. He said the US is still ready for diplomacy but if it doesn’t work, then people should “get ready.”

Meanwhile, Russia is saying it may send military hardware and weapons systems into Cuba and Venezuela if the Biden regime doesn’t start being more reasonable.

The Bottom Line

The White House may be ready for “any eventuality” and can go scurry into their mile-deep bunkers, but the rest of us are out here and hoping to avoid a nuclear war.

When Trump warned us just how dangerous Biden would be, we never had any idea it would be this bad. Biden is a disastrous failure who may yet get us all killed. Pray for our troops.