Russia Launches Huge Military Challenge to USA as Biden Meets Putin

Biden is meeting Putin in Geneva; now, the Russian leader decided it’s a perfect time to poke Biden in the eye.

Putin’s ordered the biggest Russian naval exercises since the end of the Cold War, right near the coast of Hawaii.

This is a direct provocation of America; however, it won’t be easy to respond to since there’s nothing technically illegal about it.

Russia’s doing Navy drills and Russia has the right to do Navy drills; although, it’s clearly a way to mock Biden and show America that Russia doesn’t respect our commander-in-chief.

Let’s face it, under Trump everything would have been different. 

Russian navy in Sevastopol (2005-08-031) by Argenberg is licensed under CC BY 2.0

US Airforce Responds

Responding at the last second after Putin announced the massive naval exercises, the US Airforce sent stealth jets and several naval aircraft to meet the Russian challenge. 

Russia is proud of the show of force. They even put out a video for the news and world media to watch and be in awe of; so, they’re clearly enjoying this stunt. 

It succeeded in having the news not only cover the sit down with Biden in Geneva (where our geriatric leader can do his best to say “values” and “democracy” enough times), but also in having the news cover Russia’s huge launch of firepower, naval strength and aircraft capabilities. 

This included Russian long-distance bombers which are fairly intimidating military hardware. 

This was timed so it happened just as Biden and Putin sat down. It has to be acknowledged as a major troll move; doing them only a few hundred miles off the coast of Hawaii, and including vessels capable of destroying US subs, is a bold maneuver. 

Russia is Not Stupid

Whatever else it may be, Russia is not stupid. They never crossed the international border and ignored the American F-22s that flew up around the island state. 

Despite the US liberal media’s lies about Biden supposedly being tough on Putin, this shows the actual truth. 

He’s a complete squish and Putin just humiliated him on the world stage. 

Obviously our great American military – including the Navy – far outpaces the Russians in every respect, but these kind of international media humiliations are not acceptable. 

Trump was making this country great again and even managing to deescalate with awful countries like North Korea. 

Now we have a doddering old man holding the reins of power; Biden’s an even bigger disaster than anyone could ever have predicted. 

Other than sending our jets and trying to look like this didn’t catch us completely off guard, there isn’t really anything we can do at this point. We have an idiot and senile old man in charge of our country; our troops are being overrun by woke ideology while Russia perfects its long-range jets. 

Pray for America.