Ronald McDonald House Kicking Out Unvaccinated, Poor Kids with Cancer

#BoycottMcDonalds has been trending on Twitter because of disgraceful actions taking place at the Ronald McDonald House. The charity organization is for helping lower-income kids who are suffering from cancer.

However, the charity’s Canadian headquarters is announcing any unvaccinated kids over five years old and their families will be kicked out by the end of this month.

This horrific action is being called out by the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. Has this world completely lost its heart? Is America’s Ronald McDonald House considering the same decision?

What is Happening?

Ronald McDonald House charity recently made the announcement, leading to outrage across Canada. Two families in the Canadian province (state) of British Columbia will be getting kicked out, along with their kids who have leukemia.

Because of the horrible childhood cancer, they have been worried to give their kids the COVID vaccines, since the side effects are unpredictable. They have been relying on the help of the charity for somewhere to stay while their kids undergo treatment.

Now, they are being told that they’ll be booted out before the end of the month because of their personal medical decision for their kids. They aren’t political people; just two families with very sick kids.

Yet, now they’re seeing the ugly side of leftism.

Parents React

One of the parents of the sick kids reacted to Ronald McDonald’s twisted decision, saying it’s anti-Christian and evil. As this parent said, it’s “wrong” to force people to get a vaccine or oppress them because of an ideology.

Americans are agreeing as well, with Seb Gorka weighing in and saying “medical apartheid” needs to be called out by everyone who sees it.

America is not far off from the same thing here; we can’t afford to be cocky about what’s happening in Canada.

While it’s true Canada doesn’t have a First or Second Amendment, and doesn’t have the protections that we do in the United States, it is our northern neighbor and its struggles are a warning to us all.

Kicking out kids with cancer might sound beyond the pale – and it is – but it’s going to be happening increasingly in many countries, as the obsession with ineffective and unpredictable COVID vaccines increases and gets put into legislation.

The Bottom Line

A viral video of one of these parents talking to the staff at Ronald McDonald in this story is making waves. As he says, this is some kind of “crazy evil.” There’s no wonder that so many people are outraged about this.

Likewise, it also makes no sense, since you still have to wear masks. Everyone knows a kid with cancer would be at greater risk of any potential negative side effects from the vaccine.