Robot Dogs Will Be Used to Guard US-Mexico Border

It’s no secret that the US-Mexico border is a complete disaster zone. Over 1.6 million illegal aliens were caught trying to cross last year alone.

That’s just those who were apprehended. The total number of illegals in America is now estimated at over 10.5 million.

They provide cheap labor working under the table; some are sex trafficked and others are involved in drugs, crime, and fraud. The strain on our healthcare system and public safety is considerable.

However, now the government has a new plan to secure the border. Since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris couldn’t – or wouldn’t – get the job done, ICE and the Department of Homeland security are going to use robots.

Robot Dogs To the Rescue

Ghost Robotics is an American corporation headquartered in Philadelphia. It produces a number of mechanized and robotic systems, including robot dogs that are planning to be used by DHS to guard the border.

These dogs weigh 100 pounds, have four legs, and are able to walk and run in all types of landscapes, including rocky and sandy environments. They can also climb stairs and perform other human-like functions.

These are basically super-dogs. With advanced cameras and tracking equipment, they are a human trafficker’s worst nightmare. They won’t be armed to shoot, but they will be able to apprehend and run after illegals and show agents where they are.

As the head of Ghost Robotics explains, these dogs have sensors that help them adjust to whatever type of terrain it’s on and to keep their grip in slippery conditions.

When Will These Dogs be Deployed?

US Customs and Border Patrol (USCBP) and DHS are collaborating to authorize and order these dogs along the border with Mexico. They will be sent especially to desert areas where it’s hard for human agents to run in the sand.

A timeline for their deployment has not been announced, but it looks like they will be deployed in the next several months after being authorized.

Although some on social media are comparing these dogs to scenes from the dystopian technology show Black Mirror, the deployment of them makes sense if you want to make the border more secure.

Nonetheless, we need to remain cautious; we know these dogs could go from patrolling the border to patrolling our cities and towns in no time. Under a tyrannical regime, how long until terminator dogs are used against the American people?

The Bottom Line

DHS and USCBP’s decision to use robot dogs to stem the flow of illegal migration could make an impact. We should hope these robot canines can help stop the flood of trafficked individuals who are making our country and borders less secure.

At the same time, let’s remain cautious and keep a bit of skepticism about fully embracing this technology inside the USA. In the wrong hands, these kinds of robots could be a nightmare for the American people.