RINO Turncoat Dan Crenshaw Has Been Getting Rich Off Stocks

Congressman Dan Crenshaw is a Republican from Texas, but you wouldn’t know it from his voting record. Despite coming into Congress as a patriot and a veteran, Crenshaw has cast a lot of disappointing votes, especially on gun rights and illegal immigration.

Crenshaw specifically voted to stab fellow vets in the back on the last defense bill as well, trying to push through a national red flag law that would hit veterans. Now, the controversy is growing over something else: Crenshaw’s stock trades.

It turns out that this British-born politician has violated the STOCK Act (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act) and made boatloads of money off stock trades. Who has he been getting tips from, Nancy Pelosi?

Crenshaw’s STOCK Violations

Here’s the thing: while the rest of us were financially struggling and dealing with burdensome COVID restrictions last year, Dan Crenshaw was getting rich, and I mean, really rich.

In fact, Crenshaw made the fifth-most in Congress last year on stocks, making even more than Nancy Pelosi herself. Then, Crenshaw went ahead and didn’t declare the trades he’d made, which breaks the law.

Specifically, it breaks the 2012 STOCK Act, which requires members of Congress to disclose their market activities.

Biden’s Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm was recently busted for also breaking the STOCK Act, so Crenshaw is in some high-class company here.

This also isn’t the first time Crenshaw has broken STOCK. He did it before in 2020, as America was being locked down and economically strangled. One of his trades included big buys into Boeing, which got bailed out with huge money from the CARES Act Crenshaw was involved in.

Now, he’s back violating STOCK again. It’s almost like Crenshaw thinks he’s above the law and that it’s just there for the little guy.

How Much Did Crenshaw Make?

At this point, we do not yet know how much Crenshaw raked in last year, while also failing to declare his trades. What we do know is Pelosi made almost 50% profits last year as a whole and Crenshaw made more than her.

The pandemic has exposed just how dirty the establishment is, with many senators and representatives selling off and buying stock in tandem with major government decisions and COVID policies they knew about ahead of time.

A whopping total of 54 members of Congress failed to follow the STOCK Act last year, so Crenshaw is far from alone. This includes people like Senator Tommy Tuberville, who engaged in really dirty stock trading to make a profit while using his political influence to affect its price.

It’s clear there’s a big problem and it’s not just on one side of the aisle.

Who knows what else will come out about Dan Crenshaw?