REVEALED: China is Setting Up A New Spy Base in Cuba

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Cuba will allow China to build a large spy base right in America’s backyard.

It seems every day, we are getting deeper into a new Cold War and tensions are escalating. Here’s everything you need to know about this alarming new development.

China’s New Spy Base

Cuba’s communist government will allegedly be hosting the new spy base to assist China in its monitoring and espionage activities. It is not known whether the base is already under construction.

This base will be a key step forward in signals intelligence (SIGINT) for China. It comes as China was already busted for sending a spy balloon over America a few months ago.

It also follows on reports of Chinese spies pretending to be tourists and crashing through the gates of US military bases with drones, including at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Biden Regime and Cuba Deny Report

The Biden regime says the reports about a spy base are “not accurate.”

NSC spokesperson John Kirby said although they have “real concerns” about Cuba and China getting closer, they don’t believe the base will be finalized.

Cuba’s regime also denies the WSJ report via its foreign ministry, saying there is no base planned and the “slander” from the US press is “totally untrue.”

Examining the Facts

China is growing its spy operations around the world. It’s highly likely this base is already underway, as well as other already existing installations by China in Cuba.

While Cuba’s regime claims this report is just to justify US sanctions on Cuba and the blockade, the US has no real reason to justify something they are already doing.

Furthermore, if that were the case, then why would the Biden regime be denying the WSJ reports and standing on the side of Cuba’s communist regime?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.