Republicans Call Out Biden’s Disgusting Lies and Hypocrisy on Rittenhouse

Joe Biden is a liar who seized the presidency by dividing the American people. The Democrats manipulated the electoral system to make sure he got in power; meanwhile, Biden hid out in his basement and croaked about “unity” and “values” now and then.

Another thing Biden did was spread hate, boosting BLM and Antifa domestic terrorists who tore this country apart, while lying about and slandering President Trump and his supporters.

One of the worst lies Biden told was tweeting out a video that claimed Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist murderer.

Biden’s Brazen Lies About Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse killed two people and injured a third last summer in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It happened during BLM and Antifa violence, following the death of George Floyd and the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Yesterday, Rittenhouse was found not guilty of murder and no evidence of him being a white supremacist has emerged.

Biden made the accusations against Rittenhouse while Biden was still a private citizen running for president. This opens Biden up to a massive lawsuit that will hit him right in the wallet.

You don’t just slander someone on the national stage and walk away with no consequences; ask Nick Sandmann. The Covington Catholic student was relentlessly slandered by the leftist media.

He was accused of being racist for smirking while a Native American man and groups of leftists tried to verbally assault him near the Lincoln Memorial. Sandmann has since collected millions in damages for the liberal media’s lies about him.

The GOP Demands an Apology

The GOP, including Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, is demanding Biden apologize to Rittenhouse for implying he was a racist murderer. Biden has shied away from the issue, perhaps on the advice of his lawyers, but he needs to answer for it.

Just because Sleepy Joe thinks he’s above the law and can do whatever he wants doesn’t mean it’s true. He spread lies about a young man to score cheap political points and now, he needs to answer for it.

The chances of Biden genuinely apologizing, however, are near zero. This is why it would be a very positive development if Rittenhouse sues his senile socks off.

The Bottom Line

The leftist media and its Democrat allies tried to use Rittenhouse as a symbol of bad Trump supporters and “racist” white people who hate black Americans. It didn’t work because it’s not true, but it definitely got them a bump in the polls.

The truth is it was the violent and mostly white supporters of Biden and the left who burned down our cities last year, not Trump supporters. However, you won’t hear this from the liberal media or the Democrat Party.

We need to start admitting the truth in this country. We have a problem with the violent radical left and with those who enable them, such as Joe Biden.