Republican Congressman Uproots Traitor Deep in the Biden Administration

Alejandro Mayorkas is currently the head of our Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

One of the duties he has is to ensure the border security of the United States and protect us from terrorists, human traffickers, drug dealers, and diseased masses.

Mayorkas isn’t interested in doing his job. Instead, he’s been going on about how “white supremacy” is the largest security threat facing the United States.

He has no statistics to back it up, nor any facts, but he feels strongly about it, clearly.

As for the border? Mayorkas recently talked about the plan to pull doctors, nurses, and funding from our Veterans Administration (VA) and redirect it to the southern border to look after illegal aliens.

Now, Republican Congressman Ken Buck of Colorado is giving Mayorkas an earful and calling out his treason to his slimy face.

Mayorkas Gets Mauled

Mayorkas is a Cuban-born American who went to the top Ivy League universities and knows all the fancy words. Though the problem is he has done a terrible job as chief of DHS.

While giving testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee, Buck gave Mayorkas the raw truth: many people want him impeached.

Americans are angry about the current situation and the people leading this country; they haven’t forgotten about Mayorkas.

In fact, according to Buck, Mayorkas is seen as a traitor. Buck said his constituents in Colorado have even started comparing Mayorkas to Benedict Arnold.

Arnold was a leading figure in the Continental Army helping fight for US independence. He then switched sides and sold information to the British in return for more prestige and a payout.

Buck next asked Mayorkas straight up whether or not he is “ashamed” about what he has done in misleading and letting down our country.

Mayorkas Goes Berserk

Reddening in the face and looking extremely upset, Mayorkas said Buck was being “profoundly offensive” and said he was so offended he wouldn’t even demand an “apology.”

Buck told him no problem.

Mayorkas continued on into a self-righteous speech about how he’s “incredibly proud” of how he’s served America. As a federal prosecutor and in DHS, Mayorkas said he has done his best at all times and made great progress on many issues.

Defensive much?

As Buck said, many people in his district don’t just think Mayorkas is incompetent or overwhelmed. They believe he is doing these things like trying to divert money and care from the VA on purpose because he wants to weaken America.

A week ago, Mayorkas claimed that he and Biden responded “effectively” to the crisis on our southern border.

Meanwhile, Title 42 which allowed speedy deportations is set to expire and we’re soon looking at up to 10,000 illegals a day on the southern border.

In what world is that “effective”?

The Bottom Line

Mayorkas needs to be impeached.

He can go brag about his illustrious career on his own time. Nobody is buying it anymore, and he’s already done enough damage.