Relationships Being Destroyed Over the Vaccine

The COVID vaccines are a controversial subject. People have very different views about how effective they are, their safety, and the motivations behind pressuring people to get them.

Sadly, disagreements over the vaccine are breaking up families are relationships across the country. People can’t get over their judgment of someone who disagrees on the vaccines.

Breaking Up Over the Jab

The latest example comes from a young lady who explained that she broke up with her boyfriend because he wouldn’t get the COVID shots.

In a cocky video where she claims her boyfriend is an “anti-vaxxer” (who also has no “trust” of “science”), this young lady shows just how extreme the judgments are getting.

Isn’t it enough to have Dr. Fauci breathing down our neck with his weird medical fascism? Now thousands of couples have to worry about whether their significant other will pull the plug on the relationship because of different views of the vaccine.

We are truly living in a dystopia. Then again, as the Twitter account Libs of TikTok said, maybe this guy “dodged a bullet” on this one.

Is it “Anti-Vax” to Question the COVID Vaccine?

The question this video also raises is whether it’s really “anti-vax” to question the vaccine. The COVID vaccines do have FDA approval and are officially “safe.” They have been given to hundreds of millions of people.

At the same time, the long-term effects of them are simply unknown. Severe adverse reactions have been reported at a much higher rate than other vaccines. COVID is also not very dangerous for various age and demographic groups.

Asking these questions about its safety and the necessity of getting the vaccine is not being “anti-vax” or “anti-science,” it’s being pro-logic.

Vaccinated Ego Trip

There are many people who are vaccinated who get their shots and mind their business. Then, there are people like the young woman in the video who rub it in.

They make grand moral judgments about others based on their vaccinated status. There’s also their assumption that they’re superior in their logic and trust of science.

Take someone like VP Kamala Harris, who recently tweeted about how we need to “protect” people who are vaccinated from the unvaccinated. If the vaccine works, then why would you need to protect people who are vaccinated?

The truth is that the delta variant and many other infections directly bypass the vaccine and that it is no guarantee you won’t die. Yes, the rate is much lower, but no, it is not a foolproof solution to COVID.

Does this girl really trust the science or is she just a bully who’s lining up with the side in power and thinks this makes her tough? It’s obviously the latter.