Real Reason for Chris Cuomo Being Fired From CNN is Revealed

Chris Cuomo was fired in December by CNN. The unpopular host was reportedly let go for interfering in the case against his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

According to CNN in December, Chris was let go because he’d unethically tipped Andrew off about the media’s coverage of Andrew’s alleged sexual assaults and harassment.

Now, the truth has come out. Chris Cuomo wasn’t let go from CNN for being unethical. If that was the case, CNN’s offices would have nobody in them at all. No, it turns out that Cuomo was let go for something much worse.

The Real Reason Chris Cuomo Was Fired From CNN

It turns out Chris Cuomo didn’t just try to help Andrew dodge sex accusations. He was reported by a colleague’s lawyer for alleged sexual harassment that occurred all the way back in 2011.

The incident reportedly happened in 2011 when Cuomo asked a young woman to come up to his office. She was looking for work at CNN and was only a temporary intern at ABC News at the time.

Cuomo told her he’d give her some pointers on how to get on board full time at CNN.

Setting aside the masochistic tendencies of this young woman to want to work at a perverted hellhole of lies like CNN, you can’t blame her for wanting work and trying to network with a leading host to find out how.

However, it turns out Cuomo was less interested in giving her career advice than he was in pressuring her to have sex with him.

Cuomo’s Creepy Surprise

When the unnamed young lady reached his office for a bite to eat and some advice, she found nothing there but the CNN creep. Cuomo started badgering her for sex and putting the moves on her.

She said no thanks and he became aggressive. It was at this point she says Cuomo physically grabbed her and tried to force her to perform sex acts.

The traumatized young woman got away, but didn’t press charges at the time. She was unsure how to prove it and was scared of his power.

Multiple witnesses and colleagues confirm the young lady told them around this time that Chris Cuomo tried to sexually harass her; so there is no reason to believe this story has been just made up now.

The Truth Comes Out

These accusations were what led to Cuomo being turfed by CNN in December. The young woman’s lawyer brought them to CNN in a Dec. 1 letter and directly thereafter, Cuomo was shown the exit door.

Of course, CNN lied at the time and said it was because he’d been unethical with his brother’s case. The question now is this: is there anyone working at CNN who’s not a closet sexual abuser or pervert?