Radical Left Terrorists Harass WWII Veterans on Their Way to Pearl Harbor Ceremony

The radical left is full of all sorts of strange folks. You have Antifa domestic terrorists, pro-abortion feminist extremists, violent environmentalists, and leftist political thugs of various stripes.

These people are the rabid mob of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. They are the “street outreach” program of the stuffed suits who talk about “diversity” and “progress” from their podiums.

The reality is this: violence in the streets and the collapse of law and order. The most recent outbreak of the radical left came on the streets of Washington, DC when veterans were attempting to get to the commemoration of the 80 year anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attacks.

Zero Respect for Our Veterans and History

On Tuesday, veterans were endeavoring to get to an event to mark 80 years since Pearl Harbor, when Japanese imperial forces suicide bombed our fleet in Hawaii.

The attack killed 2,403 Americans and injured 1,143. It destroyed two dozen of our ships and over 300 aircraft, striking a massive blow at our Pacific fleet.

The veterans on their way to the ceremony in DC couldn’t get to the monument at the Washington Mall on time where the event took place. This was because groups of shrieking climate change extremists were blocking the roads.

Why did these environmentalist Antifa people choose that day, in particular, to shriek about the climate? Was it really necessary to give our veterans a slap in the face on Dec. 7?

Why Were These Harpies Out Protesting?

These “ShutDownDC” environmentalist Antifa types from Code Pink and other groups were out protesting, basically to demand our government be more left wing. They especially wanted it to take more action on climate change and open our borders even more.

Biden already tanked our economy with gas prices and his Green New Deal insanity, but it’s not enough for these people. They want “Build Back Better” and its $2.2 trillion of heavy spending to be pushed through as soon as possible.

One of the biggest chunks of the BBB bill is over $550 billion for “climate change” projects, including a civilian climate “corps” that works on projects to fight climate change. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that sounds a lot like communism.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is the Code Pink, Antifa, and environmentalist types out shrieking about how Biden needs to do more on the climate have no respect for our history.

They didn’t care they were blocking Pearl Harbor survivors and veterans from getting to the DC WWII memorial for a ceremony, because they think they’re above our history.

They don’t even realize – or care – they would have no ability to protest or live in a still-partly-free country if these brave men hadn’t gone to fight the genocidal tyrants who threatened our nation in the past, including imperial Japan.