Putin’s Next Attack Plan Just Leaked

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been a disaster for his nation and his troops. Ukraine fought back harder than anyone expected, and now we know why.

Villages near Kiev have turned up full of dead bodies, with dead men shot down in front of each house with their hands tied behind their backs. This is similar to the systematic executions that Russian troops performed in Chechnya and it’s shocking the world.

It’s clear that Ukraine knew right away the choice here is to fight or die brutally.

Now, Putin’s hordes are turning away from Kiev and repositioning. This is clearly because the war is not going how he’d like, but it’s also because Russia has a new plan of attack.

Putin’s New Plan

Residents and defenders of Kiev have been under assault for weeks now, with Russia shelling and attacking them. The city has also been short on supplies.

It’s completely obvious that Russia wanted to take Kiev ever since it launched its invasion on February 24. Russia has failed in that objective; there is no question about it.

They have also reportedly lost over 17,000 troops in this war. However, insiders say Putin is actually more worried about the expensive military equipment Russia lost, not the soldiers.

In any case, Russia has failed to take Kiev and lost that battle. However, it hasn’t lost the war, particularly with Putin’s willingness to pour an endless human wave of soldiers into the meat grinder.

Russians are now pulling back from Kiev and heading in two main directions: east and south. The question is why, and the answer has now been leaked.

Russia basically wants to take its strong points in the separatist east and use them as a bulwark. They will build up airpower, cut down their troop losses, and regroup from a position of power.

Southern attacks will also provide more areas of strength, particularly around the Russian-held city of Kherson.

Locking Ukraine In

Strategists have also pointed out Putin is pursuing a scheme here of locking Ukraine in. By seizing its coasts and encircling the country, Russia is cutting Ukraine off from many of its main shipping areas.

If Putin can seize Odessa or Mariupol, he will also have something for Russia to “celebrate” on its May 9 Victory Day Parade. This parade is held every year to celebrate Russia’s defense against Nazi Germany in World War Two.

At this point, it’s clear that Putin wants to turn Ukraine into a weakened and dependent state which has trouble getting outside help and is cut off along the Azov and Black Sea.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned about the same thing, saying Ukrainians must continue to “protect” their liberty as Russia employs a new tactic.

Russia already controls Luhansk and Donetsk in the eastern Donbas, but now they want to seize the whole region.