Public Turns Against BLM as Approval Rating Plummets

A year ago, Black Lives Matter was on top of the world. The movement was being promoted all over the mainstream media by leading politicians and celebrities, and drawing huge crowds in American cities and towns. Entire downtown cores like Minneapolis were burned to the ground by crazed BLM supporters as our media cheered them on and called protests “mostly peaceful.”

Taking advantage of the death of George Floyd, corrupt BLM leaders like Patrisse Cullors managed to snake up huge amounts of fundraising money and buy themselves nice houses in Malibu, but things change. In fact, support for BLM is now so low it’s even surprising conservatives.

BLM Support Hits Subterranean New Lows

At its peak, a whopping 24% of American said they supported BLM. That number is now down to 2%. Seriously. Everything the organization gained in public support and media-boosted propaganda has been lost. This is outstanding news for patriots, conservatives and anyone else who opposes racist propaganda.

The new drop in support was found by a poll done by Civiqs which registered the huge drop in approval. The main reason that the numbers are falling so much is that Independents who were onboard with BLM and thought it was fighting for racial justice have changed their minds.

They now realize what the rest of us already did: BLM is a fake organization that’s trying to use black people as props to spread an evil Marxist agenda that targets hate against police. In fact, support among Independents cratered from 25% last summer to -8% currently.

BLM’s Laundry List of Lies

BLM’s desire to victimize and use black Americans as props was straight out of the Democrat playbook. They lied about Michael Brown, lied about Trayvon Martin and lied about George Floyd. Then they took the money and fame from supporters and used it to enrich their inner circle, all while pretending to care about injustice by blaming police for doing their job.

Leaders like Barack Obama did their best to boost up BLM, and despite President Trump’s attempts to stop the madness, once Biden was in office, it started up again. In fact, Biden even illegally interfered in the Derek Chauvin case to say that Chauvin better be found guilty (as he was).

Democrat politicians also got in on the act, with Congresswoman Maxine Waters, for example, directly threatening mob violence if Chauvin wasn’t found guilty.

Americans Are Done With BLM

Certainly BLM still has its hardcore supporters and it still has its media backers going on about its fake quest for racial justice.

However, as a whole, the American people are done with this Marxist propaganda organization. They are clearly no longer interested in the lies it’s selling. Instead of victimhood and racism, Americans prefer patriotism and unity!