Pro-Vax Fanatic Who Threatened the Unvaccinated Dies After Booster Shot

The decision to take the COVID vaccine or not should be up to each individual. If it’s true these vaccines are a lifesaving miracle, then once you have them, you can breathe easier and feel good you’re making a responsible decision.

What’s unclear is why so many vaccinated folks are fanatical about picking on and mocking those who don’t get vaccinated. Despite being vaccinated and supposedly protected, they can’t stop talking about the minority of people who won’t get vaccinated.

This might be because the vaccine doesn’t stop the disease from spreading. Every week, the statistics get worse about how much it lowers the fatality rate from COVID and COVID comorbidity.

The latest tragic example of a pro-vaccine fanatic who spoke too soon comes from the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

Meet Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial

Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial is a 52-year-old heart doctor from New Brunswick, Canada who has been vocal about his dislike of the anti-COVID-vaccine narrative.

While he said he considers the regular unvaccinated to just be hapless folks who still deserve medical care, he tweeted last month people who actively spread anti-COVID-vax points of view should be physically assaulted.

Lutchmedial made it clear he considers the unvaxxed to be selfish and awful people who don’t deserve anyone to “cry” when they die. However, the sad part of it is Lutchmedial is no longer with us.

Lutchmedial passed away on November 8 very suddenly after not waking up from his sleep. He died 14 days after getting his booster shot on October 24.

His friends and colleagues are extremely sad; his tweets and angry hatred of the unvaccinated suddenly seem so much sadder in retrospect. The arrogance and hate that’s being encouraged in the vaccinated is making all of us less safe and less knowledgeable.

They refuse to discuss vaccines in any rational way. They insist vaccines are the magic cure to everything, ignoring all the possible dangerous side effects.

The Bottom Line

Lutchmedial was a well-loved member of his community who coached hockey and he was a respected doctor. It’s sad he was so dismissive of different points of view on the vaccine.

The truth is he was clearly a smart guy, but he didn’t dig down into the negative side effects and ugly sides of the COVID vaccines.

Obviously, at this point, there’s no proof his passing was caused by the COVID vaccines; however, it’s still becoming very crazy how many people seem to be dying soon after their second shot or booster shot.

I thought these shots were supposed to save lives, not end them. If Dr. Fauci or somebody could explain what’s going on, that would be great, but we already know we can’t trust them as far as we can throw them.

May Lutchmedial rest in peace.