President Trump Teaming Up With a Big Celebrity

President Trump is planning to run again in 2024. That much was made clear several months ago.

Though right now, his mission is the same as all America First conservatives, and it’s a simple mission: save America.

This country is on the edge of a cliff; we’ve been led there by a senile old man and his psychotic, delusional vice-president.

We all need to pray that we can come back from the border invasion, global war, and economic catastrophe that’s unfolding. There is no doubt it will require all patriots to come together and unite.

This is exactly what Trump did recently when he delivered a special message to the fans of his friend Bob Ritchie, also known as Kid Rock.

Make America Rock Again!

Appearing on a giant TV screen behind the famous rock star, Trump delivered a message to the Kid Rock crowd. He told them he hopes they have a great night and enjoy the music of his friend Kid Rock, who’s one of the top entertainers in America.

Trump also joked about how Kid Rock might be a great entertainer, but his golf game could definitely use some work.

Trump and Kid Rock are good friends and spend time together golfing and talking when they have time. Kid Rock spoke about their friendship recently during an appearance on the Tucker Carlson Today show.

Of course, it’s not like everyone who loves Kid Rock is a conservative or a Trump supporter, but some of them are.

What’s wrong with throwing in a political message? Liberal rock stars and actors do it all the time. Kid Rock is just following the same trend and showing some extra love for 45 on a fun night.

Teaming Up for Trump

The fact of the matter is that Trump wasn’t only a great president, but he also has a background as an entertainer.

He understands how the celebrity world works and how to put on a great show. When celebrities like Kid Rock team up with Trump, there’s something folks need to remember.

Other celebs and liberals hate them for it. The Hollywood crowd and pop culture establishment bullies and ridicules people like Kid Rock endlessly for his support of America First.

Though the thing is people like Kid Rock have already been accused and slandered of everything imaginable.

They don’t care at all anymore about what people say about them or how their character is insulted, because like all of us conservatives, they know they’re right.

Get Ready to Rock

This November is going to see a historic red wave of America First conservatives take over Congress. People like Kid Rock can rest easy knowing they are part of why it happened.

Save America.