President Trump Announces Launch of New Social Media Platform

President Trump used to be the king of Twitter, until they kicked him off for being too popular. The official reason is he supposedly “incited” violence by raising doubts about fraud during the 2020 election.

The real reason is Trump had too large an audience and liberals wanted him booted off. So that’s exactly what big tech did; Twitter pushed him off the platform while still allowing the Taliban and terrorists to use it.

However, Trump is not one to give up, and he’s now back with something far better than Twitter: a new social media platform that he’s spearheaded.

Introducing TRUTH Social

The new social network is called TRUTH social. According to Trump, it will be launched in the very near future and is intended to oppose the “tyranny” from big tech. His “unacceptable” silencing by Twitter won’t be accepted.

Trump’s looking forward to everyone having a voice on his new platform. Almost all social networks joined up to ban Trump after the January 6 riots at the US Capitol. A former blog that Trump put out didn’t do well, so he stopped contributing to it around a month in.

Then, he asked the courts to force Twitter to let him reopen his account because the shutdown was driven by political reasons and pressure. That case is ongoing. Now, we will see how TRUTH social does.

When Does TRUTH Social Launch?

TRUTH social will have a first test run in November; the official app and site are due in the new year. The new platform is supposed to be a “big tent” that won’t censor people and will actually allow different opinions, so we’ll see how it does.

Twitter will certainly be hoping it fails, but with all the problems on liberal big tech social media, there is a high chance this initiative will do quite well.

In addition, Trump’s new company TMTG (Trump Media and Technology Group) is merging with a company called Digital World Acquisitions; this will let it get listed on the stock exchange. So, if you ever wanted a piece of the Trump fortune, you could soon have your chance.

Even More Ahead

In addition, TMTG is going to start a streaming service it says will focus on programming that is not “woke.” These days, with all the junk on Netflix and other streaming sites, that could also do quite well.

People are hungry for content that’s not full of creepy messages and anti-American propaganda. While it remains to be seen how TRUTH social will do, we have to definitely give Trump credit for never giving up.

No matter how many times he gets hit and told to sit down and shut up, he never ever gives up.