President Biden and Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Just Had Their First Phone Call

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President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping recently spoke on the phone for the first time.

According to a Chinese government spokesperson they wished each other good luck in the Chinese Year of the Ox. They also talked about China’s ambitions in the Indo-Pacific, Taiwan, the status of Hong Kong, the persecution of the Uighurs and China’s unfair trade practices.

After letting Beijing walk all over America for eight years under President Obama, President Trump came along and stood up to the Communist state. Now Biden has to show that he also takes the threat seriously, especially since he’s promised Americans all sorts of jobs and a “Made in America” revival.

According to the White House, Biden brought up his concerns over China’s behavior in a direct way, while Xi told him that any fight between the two nations would be a “disaster” and that dialogue should be increased to avoid any misunderstandings.

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What Did Xi Say?

Xi reportedly did not give up any ground on China’s perspective, saying that Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xinjiang where the Uighurs are being rounded up are all China’s own business. He warned Biden and the US not to meddle in matters that involve China’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

China considers Taiwan to be part of its territory and has recently done military drills over its territory. They have also cracked down on pro-democracy and pro-US demonstrators in Hong Kong and consider such movements to be anti-communist and anti-Chinese.

This was an important milestone as the first talk between Xi and Biden and it’s also the first call between China and the US since Trump and Xi talked last March almost one year ago. Chinese-US relations are at an all-time low due to many issues that are going on including trade disputes, tension in the South China Sea, the Uighur genocide and conflict over the status of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

US-China Relations Under Biden

As the de facto dictator of China, Xi wields massive power. Although Trump had a mostly positive relationship on a personal level, he did call out China for COVID-19 and put sanctions and tariffs on Chinese goods in order to stop their unfair dumping of steel and manipulation of free trade at the expense of the American economy.

Biden also said he would stand up to China during his campaign, calling Xi a “thug” and saying China needed to be “punished” and “isolated.” All of this is correct, however given the family ties between the Bidens and China and the long line of Democrats who have handed America to the Communist police state on a silver platter, it’s hard to see how Biden will fundamentally stand up to them in reality.

Apparently Biden and Xi agreed that climate change and fighting COVID-19 can be something that the US and China can work together on. This is sort of odd considering that COVID-19 is literally China’s fault and climate change is also China’s fault in many ways.

“You have said that America can be defined in one word: Possibilities. We hope the possibilities will now point toward an improvement of China-U.S. relations,” Xi said to Biden  on the call according to China’s government.

While it sounds like the phone call between Biden and Xi more or less outlined the position of both countries, it also sounds like a lot of talk. Although Biden is going to be drafting up sanctions on Chinese tech companies in the future, it takes real action on trade such as tariffs to really get China’s attention. As Trump said, China respects strength: that’s it. Is Biden up to the challenge?