Predictions For the 2022 Midterm Elections

The upcoming 2022 midterms are clearly going to be a trainwreck for the Democrat Party, but just how bad will this be? Are the polls being over-generous to the right or will this really be a landslide?

At this point, there are still a few months ahead of these elections and we can’t be 100% sure.

What’s now become clear is the Democrats are taking this seriously and are worried results could be so bad that they made 2024 unviable for the left to even field a presidential candidate.

Top Predictions For November

The midterms are likely going to be at least mostly favorable to the GOP. The House is almost definitely going to swing into a Republican majority, as well as the Senate.

Democrats do still have a chance to keep a toehold and push off a GOP takeover in the Senate, but they will have to work hard and push every point of leverage they have, at this point.

There are still a lot of wild cards that can happen, but right now, the GOP is looking to clean up in terms of governor contests. They not only have many strong incumbents, but also the advantage of a fairly weak Democratic field.

Still, there are a number of issues and factors arising which could throw some twists in what happens in these midterms.

Here’s a look at some of them…

Plot Twists Coming Up

So far, things are looking great for the GOP, but they still have problems, such as Eric Greitens in Missouri, who’s facing accusations of beating his wife and harming kids. He looks set to win a Senate nomination, but would likely lose in the general.

In places like Arizona, where Kari Lake is running for governor, there is some worry these could polarize some opportunities in the midterms.

However, Democrats have plenty of their own challenges and far-left candidates who can cause them a big headache also.

Florida and New Hampshire redoing their congressional districts could also cause some unique and unexpected developments in races there.

The fact of the matter, however, is July 4 is a good day for patriots to celebrate this country and have hope for the future. Just don’t forget to get out and vote.

The Bottom Line

The upcoming midterms are looking mighty red, but redistricting and many other tricks can still give Democrats many various angles to influence this outcome.

After 2020 and how Democrats got Big Tech and many local municipalities to help swing turnout and votes their way, we can’t act surprised if Biden and his cronies pull out all the stops to influence voters and fund as many get-out-of-the-vote tricks as they can.

This party has no shame; they will do whatever they can to try to minimize Democratic losses in this cycle.