Portland, Oregon is Working to Pass an Idiotic New Boycott Against Texas

Portland, Oregon is a city under constant siege. Every week, we hear about Antifa terrorists roaming around its downtown core and trying to burn down the courthouse. Last year, Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson was brutally murdered in cold blood by an Antifa terrorist in Portland.

Christians and conservatives are regularly harassed, beaten, and verbally abused by basement-dwelling leftists on Portland’s drug-infested, dirty streets. However, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is scared. He’s already been accosted by Antifa in public and doesn’t want a fight.

Plus, he wants to virtue signal. That’s why his city’s latest move has nothing to do with keeping residents safe and everything to do with left-wing virtue signaling.

Portland Planning to Boycott Texas Goods and Services

The Portland City Council is planning to do an “emergency” ruling that will block all products and services from Texas. Why Texas? The Lone Star state recently passed a law banning any abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Unborn babies can have a heartbeat as early as six weeks. Wheeler and Portland also won’t let any municipal employee of the city travel to Texas or do any business with it in an official capacity.

In other words, Portland wants to virtue signal and feel upset because Texas is protecting unborn life. In fact, the resolution which they plan to put forward on Sept. 8 calls the Texas life law “unconstitutional.”

You know, because the left has so much respect for constitutional rights like the Second Amendment and free speech…

The New Texas Law

The new Texas law went into effect recently. It’s part of ongoing excellent leadership from Texas Governor Greg Abbott who’s also done great things protecting our southern border from cartels and illegal immigrants.

The new law bans abortion when a heartbeat is detected, except if the woman will die without an abortion. This will make approximately nine out of every ten abortions which have been previously allowed in Texas illegal.

Portland’s new resolution says they respect others to make the “decision” about abortion and therefore will not respect Texas taking away that “decision.”

As more red and purple states move towards similar laws as Texas, we are likely to see a growing pattern of Balkanization where blue states begin basically separating off and passing boycotts and more.

Meanwhile, sane-minded blue state residents are doing what they can to begin getting out of these communist crap zones.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Portland can pass any boycott they want. If they choose to boycott the Lone Star state, then all the better. We can all see them when they take their mask off.

This encourages any conservatives to also move away, which is good. Places like Portland used to be beautiful. Now they’re just broken.