Portland Man Finds Out Just How Bad Homeless Crisis Is

Portland, Oregon has been in the news a lot the last few years.

Generally, this has been for very negative reasons.

The city’s downtown core and federal courthouse have been the ongoing target of violent Antifa and BLM gangs who try to burn it down on a regular basis.

In addition to leftist agitators, Portland also has a huge problem with drugs and homelessness. 

Making all drugs legal surprisingly didn’t solve the problem at all: it actually just made things much worse. 

The homelessness crisis has reached epidemic proportions and one Portland man recently found that out in the worst way possible. 

Local Humanitarian Stabbed to Death

Tyson Morlock was a compassionate and great guy. He wanted to help out Portland’s homeless during the recent heatwave experienced by the Pacific Northwest. 

In a region that’s not used to soaring temperatures, heat soaring above 115 degrees was making a lot of people mighty uncomfortable and Morlock wanted to do his part. 

This kind young man bought one of those above-ground swimming pools; he then invited homeless folks in his east side Portland community to show up and take a dip. 

His reward? 

Morlock was viciously stabbed to death on July 1 by someone using the pool. 

This homicide is an unspeakable tragedy, but it’s also part of a pattern. 

Morlock Was Bringing the Community Together

Morlock was only 27 and went by the nickname Ninja. He’d gotten the pool from another homeless fellow and hooked it up to a fire hydrant near the highway to get it full of water. 

Over 100 Oregonians died in the heatwave, and possibly more who have not yet been recorded, so Morlock may have literally been saving lives. 

Interviewed only a day before his death, he noted that his community pool included a “no violence” rule; the rules also stated that you couldn’t do drugs or cause drama if you came there. 

Although Morlock’s death has been ruled a homicide, the individual who stabbed him was questioned by police and has not yet been arrested. 

Why, exactly?

If I had to bet good money, I’d say it’s because they are a mentally ill homeless individual who is likely on drugs; they’re also likely being shuttled between one of the many bleeding heart treatment programs available in these blue-state cities. 

What Next?

We will monitor this story to see if and when charges emerge. This is an awful tragedy from an individual who was just trying to help people in a massive heatwave. 

Cities like Portland are being overrun by a lack of law and order. 

While activists talk about the need to defund police and increase compassion and outreach, the truth is that many times what’s needed is the exact opposite; firm discipline and a real crackdown to ensure the safety of everyone. 

Rest in peace, Tyson.