Portland Antifa Get Their Behinds Handed to Them in Street Fight with Bikers

The city of Portland, Oregon has had an ongoing problem with violent Antifa thugs for a number of years now. These radical left terrorists regularly vandalize the city’s downtown, try to destroy its courthouse, and clash with police.

They claim to be fighting racism and fascism and say this justifies their destruction of private property and disobedience of police.

If there’s one thing that ties all Antifa together, it’s their hate for law and order and their claim that capitalist societies are fascist hells which deserve to collapse.

However, when the crap hits the fan, it turns out Antifa suddenly wants all the protections of living in modern, capitalist countries. This latest incident proves that more than ever.

Antifa vs. Biker Gang

This weekend wasn’t a good weekend for Antifa in Portland. A group of them decided to start a dispute with a local biker gang called the Gypsy Jokers. It didn’t turn out well for Antifa.

According to reports, what happened is Portland cops got a call on Saturday night about a fight going on. Then, shots were fired. It appears Antifa members tried to harass members of the biker gang at a local home and then got into a gunfight.

During this gunfight, there were five injuries and one fatality, according to reports. It is not clear who died at this time, as police have not yet identified them.

An increasing number of Antifa have begun carrying weapons, which is a disturbing trend that is of concern to all law-abiding citizens.

Antifa is blaming the police for not doing more to help them. They interrupted a press conference by Portland PD, taking away their microphones, and shouting awful things at them about being racist oppressors.

Antifa’s Version of What Happened

Antifa gave their version of what happened on Saturday night. According to two members called Hailley and Dustin, they had gone to deal with Gypsy Joker bikers who were pissing off some of their members.

They did have at least one weapon, but the death of one of the victims, who they said was Antifa, is because police didn’t step in.

In fact, Hailley claimed Portland police are actively using Gypsy Joker gangsters to “kidnap” and kill Antifa. Antifa basically says the police have a conspiracy against them and want them to die.

The reality of the situation demonstrates police who showed up to the confrontation were shouted down by Antifa and chased back into their vehicle. After years of insulting and violently clashing with police, Antifa didn’t take their help when it arrived.

They got destroyed for it, by bikers who are known as just as bad or worse than the Hell’s Angels. These are not nice folks and they do not take kindly to unwelcome visitors. That’s not a police conspiracy, it’s the basic reality.

Defund the Police?

What about defund the police? Antifa wants to have their cake and eat it too. Cops have already been laid off for not getting vaccinated and Antifa has tried relentlessly to cut funding and support for police.

Now, when they needed police, they turned it down, got violently shot down, and then doubled back to blame the police who’d tried to respond.

Antifa isn’t only evil, they’re also incredibly incompetent fools. Watch these clowns try to interrupt the Portland PD press conference: