Patriots Being Fired from Army, Navy and Marines for Not Getting Vaxxed

Our military is the backbone of our country. Some would say it’s our economy, our Constitution, or our patriotic citizens, and it’s true all of those matter.

However, everybody knows the US military is the greatest fighting force in the history of the world and it upholds our power in every corner of the globe.

That’s why damage to our military needs to be taken very seriously. Also, that’s why the Biden regime’s latest assault on our military is an extremely dangerous development.

Biden Backs Our Military into a Corner

When you’re in the military, you have to get numerous vaccines.

You don’t have a choice. Everyone knows that. When you have to be ready to saddle up and deploy to anywhere in the world, you need to be already protected against diseases and viruses that exist in different parts of the world.

However, the COVID vaccine is different. For one thing, vaccine makers won’t be liable for damage from it and we won’t know its real effects for many years to come.

The experimental mRNA treatment was pushed through on a fast track under President Trump and then introduced to the public as prevention of COVID. That turned out to be a lie; now, the omicron variant is actually more dangerous for those who are vaccinated.

The thing is: Trump left the vaccine optional; Joe Biden didn’t. Biden has done his level best to push this shot wherever he can, including among our Armed Forces.

It mostly worked: our military is almost all vaccinated with the COVID shots, but not everyone. Furthermore, the thousands who are left unvaxxed are now getting the worst news of all: their military careers are over.

How Many Military Members Are Being Kicked Out?

As of this writing, 5,731 members of the US Navy are still unvaxxed and will be let go if they don’t get the shot. Meanwhile, the US Army is preparing to fire 3,800 unvaxxed soldiers.

The Air Force meanwhile, recently turfed 27 flyboys who wouldn’t take the experimental shot.

As of this writing, here are the vaccination rates being reported by our branches:

  • US Navy: 98% active-duty are vaxxed
  • US Army: 97.9% active-duty are vaxxed
  • US Air Force: 97.5% vaxxed
  • US Marine Corps: 95% vaxxed
  • US Space Force: statistics not available.

As the above statistics show, the vast majority of our military is now vaccinated; yet, there are still many of our brave warfighters who are not vaxxed, especially in the Marines. The Few, the Proud is definitely right.

The Air Force has already fired its 27 unvaxxed members, but the core of these thousands of other members still has a chance to exert some pressure. The government doesn’t want to waste the money that went into their training.

We can’t afford to lose these valuable soldiers. The Biden regime is responsible for this situation.