Patriot Parents Score Huge Win Against Woke CRT Lunatic Teachers

School board elections are usually boring and not something that many of us pay attention to.

Though they can make a big difference, especially now when this country is in the grip of woke madness from the left.

Patriotic parents around the country are some of the smartest people in this nation.

They’re getting the message and running for election in local school boards to try to protect their children from critical race theory (CRT) and the left’s sinister agenda.

The great news is that they are winning, as a number of local school board elections show in the Lone Star State.

Huge Wins for Texas

This past Saturday, May 7, four school districts in suburban Fort Worth, Texas saw a turnaround in school board elections. Specifically, they turned around from being run by centrists and woke liberals to being run by patriots.

There was a huge turnout of people voting. Parents who stand up for American values won every seat, including in places like Grapevine, Spring Branch, and even the Austin suburb of Dripping Springs.

Austin is a hotbed of socialist lunatics, but even there, they couldn’t stop the flood of normal, conservative Americans from taking over.

It is important to remember this feat had huge support from parents of students from schools in these districts.

The result of these last elections results from the revolt that took place in schools because of CRT, along with the disturbing growth in grooming from far-left, radical teachers.

They want to indoctrinate our kids and a growing number of parents are saying: never going to happen!

Why This Matters

One of the first places where CRT and the woke cult came up against parents was in Loudon County, Virginia.

We saw the Biden regime even try to categorize parents as a national security risk just for speaking up for their kids.

This got the attention of the rest of the country and led to these kinds of wins we saw recently in Texas.

What is CRT? It’s an academic idea created by far-left fanatics like Derrick Bell, Kimberlé Crenshaw, and Richard Delgado.

It teaches that white people are oppressors who keep non-whites down and that America is a racist, awful country. Needless to say, this racist, evil theory doesn’t belong anywhere near our kids.

The Bottom Line

Unity is strength; it’s great to see parents remembering the importance of a good education.

When parents get together, they make a big difference in the direction of the future as we’ve seen in Texas.

We all see school boards are going to be more and more important places where ideological battles are fought.

We need to make sure that families and the American way win, instead of far-left insane people who want to groom our kids.