Parent Gets Assaulted at School Board Meeting for Being Maskless

School boards are supposed to be places where parents talk about small issues of their kids’ education; maybe about the funding for school supplies or how recess should be a bit longer.

Unfortunately, school boards have been dragged into the culture wars gripping our country. Parents have responded to extreme COVID rules and critical race theory in their schools.

Moreover, it’s made school board meetings a tense place to be. The latest example comes out of the town of Webster, New York, very near Rochester.

Webster School Board Meeting Goes Haywire

Dave Calus is a parent of a child attending school in the Webster school district. He went to their school board meeting to have his voice heard on some issues. He did not wear a mask.

Other school board officials were also not wearing masks, but private security hired by the school board didn’t care about that; they cared about Calus. They approached him and demanded he put on a mask.

Calus politely said ‘no thanks’ twice. That’s when the private security officer came up to him again, grabbed him, and shoved him against the wall. He then dragged Calus out of the meeting.

Mask Hypocrisy

The mask hypocrisy of the school board members is typical of so much of our establishment elite. These members weren’t all wearing masks; they’d just caused a stir a few days before for taking a photo without masks.

Now, Calus was roughed up by private security and dragged out for making a personal medical decision. He’s since hired a lawyer and will be investigating the school board and their use of private security in removing him.

Calus’ lawyer, Chad Hummel, says school board members are the perfect example of “hypocrisy,” are “brainwashing” kids at the school, and being completely irrational.

In terms of Calus’ removal, the school board’s only comment is he wasn’t acting in a “civil” way and therefore had to be forcibly removed. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

The Bottom Line

Callus was actually injured during the assault by the security officers; he has every right to look into the school board’s guilt in what happened. This kind of thing is completely unacceptable in America.

We are told by the left that they respect rights and freedom, but then we see awful things like this happening on a daily basis against decent family men and women.

The fact of the matter is we are being ruled by a group of power-hungry despots who think they can trample our rights and humiliate us in public as much as they want.

They’re wrong; here’s wishing Calus success in his investigation and legal proceedings regarding what happened at the school board meeting.